As the world prepares to head into the post-pandemic era of COVID-19, life is likely to be changed and even the situations that people would face then. In light of this, there is a necessary homework that everyone needs to do so that when they enter into the COVID-19 free world, they are well-equipped and prepared for the changed circumstances.

Author Swati Saksena Jha, in her unique book, “Business Strategies Post Pandemic: Gearing for a New World,” talks about a lot of things that she can think and anticipate for the future.

Many people have suffered because of the Pandemic, whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially. This book would be helpful for all those who are interested in learning the anticipated dynamics of a business environment and how far a person can prepare to equip himself-herself to tackle the situations.

Through her lucid style and concise manner of writing, the Author captures the interest of the readers in the first few pages.

Hence, reading through the 14 chapters of the book becomes an enriching experience for the readers. At the same time, the book would also become a guide to help people get through the tough times they face. The new world would be about those who have ideas and skills to sail through the troubled waters, and this book is a step in the direction of equipping oneself.

At the beginning of “Business Strategies Post Pandemic,” the author discusses the present situation, which adds to the practical approach Swati takes later as the text unfolds and unveils the strategies the author intends to highlight in the latter part of the book.

Ms Swati begins with the key to market involvement, which is Sales. In the consecutive chapters, she talks about the strategies involved in sales and marketing and discusses the dynamic of the world of the future.

Simultaneously, author also mentions the role of women in the midst of all this and the difference women can make in this new dynamic world. Women leaders are more empathetic than men leaders as their DNA is different.

Ms Swati also brings in the practical aspect of life by mentioning Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest and dedicating a chapter to this. These are the factors that make the book an important one to be read and keep the readers’ interest intact.

“Business Strategies Post Pandemic” is suggested not only to those who are looking for a model-guide to the post-pandemic world but also to those who are interested in changing the professional strategies in their businesses.

In addition, people who have plans of starting their business or start-up someday would also want to read this book for a better idea of many things that may have escaped their observations and not thought off.

The book may belong to the non-fiction genre, yet its importance for the readers of fiction cannot be undermined anyhow as everyone has to live in the same world and face situations more or less similar to others.

Ms Swati, the author concludes since everyone has to handle their situations on their own, this book is suggested to all as the world has changed forever.

Title: Business Strategies Post Pandemic: Gearing for a New World
Author: Swati Saksena Jha
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

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