Doing business is not everyone’s cup of tea, rather it is something specifically designed for risk-takers. It doesn’t matter if you run a small grocery shop or chair a big corporate, business is all about passionate growth in boosting your profit margin. But does it always happen? Losing out a business at some point in time is like a universal law, and that happens to everyone. There is only one way to keep your grip firm in the market; evolve with the growing technologies. This Corona pandemic appears to be an apt timeframe for this book to release. Invest In Digital- Turning Crisis Into Opportunity. When this digital era is running riot, it becomes imperative for every business to redesign its strategies. And the key features of this book boil down to the significance of making any business withstand this digital wave. 

The book begins with the customary phenomenon of survive-sustain-supersede. Here, the author brings in the example of Nokia going out of the market and reaffirms the fact that survivors may not always be the strongest but the smartest for sure. The situational adaptations and technological interventions are well explained in deciphering the utmost necessity to survive. The book moves on with the art and science behind sustainability. Quotes of famed entrepreneurs, philosophers and business gurus; a periodic focus on real-life incidents and examples and a fluid narration set this book apart from the others. It emphasizes the fact- Master your skills. As the author wonderfully states- without skills a businessman is like a nomad in an uncharted place. The third chapter takes an interesting twist as it dwells on the possibilities of businesses beyond the Covid19 era. It mirrors the statistical facts about the challenges faced during Covid and wonderfully explains Wayne Trotman’s view. Change, adapt and let opportunity guide your actions. The classic case study of Zoom coming out as a saviour for the corporate world is well researched and thoughtfully narrated. 

As we proceed, the author walks us through the very basics of this digital world. How it began and what are the changing dynamics of Digitization. The example of a bachelor software engineer is quite interesting while talking about life in the digital age. Various myths of the digital world are explored well. The concepts of Digital CRM, digital MARCOM etc are elaborated along with the nitty-gritty of digital transformation for businesses. It is impressive that the author explored the digital transformation concept for everyone; be it small vendors or institutions or startups and even self-employed individuals. The 9th chapter draws the spotlight as it speaks about the future prospects of digital transformation. It emphasizes how an organizational setup must be ready for the change and ready to embrace this digitization. It also cautions over the facts that one should consider while gearing up for digital transformation. Much like any other academic book, Mr Prakash Arya concludes his analyses through some classic case studies. It starts with Amazon improving its customer experience through artificial intelligence, followed by McDonald’s approach to build its market digitally and many more. Being a health educator, I liked the case study of Cognizant helping Healthcare avenues in detecting addictive behaviour. 

All in all, this book is a good effort to slay all the fears associated with digitization. A confident piece of work; however, there is a lot of room left for improvement. Especially with regards to editing, considering the imprudent spelling mistakes and quite an allegorical acknowledgement that could have been placed at the end. It would be a 4 star from my end. 

AUTHORS NAME:  Prakash Arya
   Invest In Digital
REVIEWED BY :   Atrayee Bhattacharya  at Criticspace Journals 
PUBLISHER: Notion Press
ORDER ON: AMAZON               
RATING:  4/5

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