Book Review A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum by Arnab Basu

As the Indian economy is progressing, new ideas have been developing ever since the idea of encouraging business for development came to light. Hence, innovation was bound to see the light of the day, and so were the disadvantages that accompanied it. “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” by Arnab Basu […]

Book Review – Closed Book by Efa Fakira

Intense, suspenseful, and fiercely gripping, the narrative opens in 2018 with a blonde woman’s dead body that has fallen off the building named Blue Heights in Goa. The watchman immediately reports to the police as the mystery intensifies. The watchman’s body is found in the apartment on the 8th floor that has been locked since […]

The Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor

The Top 5 Editing Services In 2021 Indians are proud of two things: the great epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana and the freedom movement. And Shashi Tharoor has done a brilliant job by mixing these two together in his one-of-a-kind novel, The Great Indian Novel. Along with this, he references various other famous works on India such […]

Balan & Dheera: A Tale of Kaliyuga, by Mayank Mahajan

List of Freelance Book Editors from India In the time a book is written, if it faithfully shows the face of reality without any adulteration or sugar coating, it is bound to stand the test of time and be read by generations later. Since literary writing is all about reflecting all that happens in the […]

Song of Draupadi by Ira Mukhoty. She is one of the most lauded authors of India

This is the 21st Generation, and we have Gen X and the next generation citizens reigning the world. But what remains unchanged is the ever debatable books or epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Also, it is to be observed that the women characters of these epics that were once confined to only the tales and the […]

Book Review The Asht Yogis by Ravi Ranjan Goswami

About the Book: The story of ‘Asht Yogi’, is a fiction and fantasy story based on Yoga and Tantra. Guru Vishnudev is a perfect yogi. Whatever he does, it is good for the nation and humanity. He plans to create an army of eight accomplished Youth Yogis, who will help people when a disaster strikes […]

Book Review | Within Four Walls of the Mind by Smita Naik Salunke | Criticspace Literary Journal

No doubt as the preface to Within Four Walls of the Mind mentions that coronavirus is the buzzword these days, but to write about a new microscopic being creating ruckus around the world becomes more challenging when little can be ascertained about it while it mutates rapidly into lethal strains. Acknowledging the change in lifestyle […]

Book Review | Lovestruck: The Story of Raj and Riya” by Pratyush Madhav | Criticspace Journals

Love is the most powerful emotion that human beings experience in their lives. The fact that life is unpredictable and every day happens once in a lifetime motivate every person to do their best to live in the moment they are so that their life is less about regrets and more about memories that they […]

Neelima Ne Chhua Aasman – Ek Space Girl Kee Kahani | Criticspace Book Review

आदरणीय लेखक प्रयागी कैलाश द्वारा बेहद सादगी से लिखी गई उम्दा कहानी है – नीलिमा। जितनी सरल भाषा, उतना ही सरल स्वभाव है इस कहानी के किरदारों का। जिस तरह एक आम भारतीय नागरिक के जीवन को स्पेस और इसरो की गतिविधियों से जोड़ कर पेश किया गया है, वह सराहनीय है। बहुत ही खूबसूरती […]

Book Review | The Journey Through Holocene by Arnab Basu |Criticspace Journals

Ever since human beings have existed on earth, they have been using the resources available on earth to their prudence yet, lack of vigilance has led to the endangering of various species of plants and animals, and the situation is beyond alarming. In the wake of this, various environmental meets, summits, and movements have been […]