What Is Human Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta is an enticing though elaborate read. The title of the book puts up a question only to answer it in the subtitle which states: The Key To A Joyful Life. This is the key to the locks that open up a whole new world beyond the regular horizons of doubts. The book is full of highly technical information that is a part of Dr. Vipin Gupta’s own creative process to decipher higher knowledge in his process of reclaiming universal truths. This is an elaborate zone of knowledge created through years of deep study. It is a mix of philosophical thought and scientific rationale. Hence, according to Dr. Vipin Gupta higher knowledge surrounding this world can be broadly divided into the intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions.

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The intrinsic dimension is what lies within. According to Dr. Vipin Gupta, the intrinsic dimension of the vastly integrated processes that surround mankind is nothing but Mother Nature that has its many ways of functioning. As human beings who dwell in nature’s presence the need of the hour is to reconnect with Nature at the earliest. These connections are not always visible to the naked eye. But they can be created. All of such connections are looked at in the first seven books of the series. However, this particular 8th book looks at the extrinsic factors that are visible to the naked eye of the humankind. However, Gupta warns that this visibility is only possible to some extent. It is applicable so long as one uses the proper tools to envision these processes.

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It is then an entire process of envisioning, reasoning, and connecting one’s senses in aligning them to the higher knowledge that lies within the corners of our eyes but we often fail to see them. This calls for open-mindedness and sacrificing of one’s ego. Nonetheless, the book is rather complex and a difficult read. It is of about 368 pages. The book is a part of Project VIPIN: Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature. This is the 8th of 12 books in the series. There is an elaborate contents page that helps to know what is contained in the book followed by an introductory section is about project VIPIN and the significance and vision of Dr. Vipin Gupta.

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There is the concept of the hero-zero dichotomy which the book looks beyond. The book is deeply rooted in Indian traditional wisdom and knowledge based on reason, logic, and sense perception. It elaborates on the idea of the human factor that is a blend of four realities namely, the management reality, worker reality, leader reality, and trader reality. Content-wise, the book is well organized with concepts that are systematically arranged. The book imparts wise concepts that are catchy and eye-opening and intellectually stimulating though a bit difficult to follow if one is not paying close attention. This is mainly seen in the tough preface.

Once the main content is presented then it is like a buffet of concrete flavors that are bound to keep the readers excited and engaged with multiple examples that break down the tough concepts into detailed explanations. It is important to read this book to understand what higher bliss according to Dr. Vipin Gupta is. It is this higher bliss that will help one get through the trials of the world.

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The most important ideas of this book are placed in the yellow boxes alongside the main text. The ideas, on the whole, are not easy to understand due to the excessive presentation of mathematical calculations though there is no doubt that they are very refreshing to read. There is also excessive use of Sanskrit words like most of the books in this series that may seem difficult to those who are not deeply interested in Indian philosophy or Indian logic. On the whole, the book is consistent with Dr. Vipin Gupta’s other books in the series and imparts authentic information that is beneficial.

Author: Vipin Gupta
Reviewer: Tasnima at Criticspace journal

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