Addictions and other such bad habits may seem like the solution sometimes; however, this may lead to the worst lifestyle which gives way to damages that are beyond any repair. The right advice can change such a person’s life. However, it is upon us to decide and put in efforts to change ourselves to live in a better way. 

One such story that will keep you second-guessing about all the difficulties you face and dreams you achieve is, ‘The Seed Who Got His Farmer’.

A story based on two childhood friends who had parted ways during their adolescent years due to reasons that you will discover while reading it. 

One of them is Rohit, an absolutely talented, rich kid who flew to the US with his family and the other is, Akash, just another middle-class boy who had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur without having to look for help. Years after their separation, they finally meet when Akash flew to the US. Soon after, Rohit and Akash set off for travelling back to their country, India, in th way of which, Rohit learns quite a few things about life and the likes. 

As the story unfolds, you will see that Rohit’s way of perceiving things would completely change, all thanks to Akash, which will leave him baffled until the very end. 

To everybody’s surprise, Akash suddenly starts to behave like an enemy to Rohit, shoving him out of his life and never ceasing to trouble him. However, no one knows why, yet. 

As you turn the pages, history will repeat itself and everything that you believed in would be reshaped, modified and relearned. 

If you’re an avid reader and want to try something new, do not fret. We’ve got you covered. Grab your copy and start reading! ‘The Seed Who found His Farmer’ by Prayash Pal is a gripping, heartbreaking as well as a lesson to one and all. 

Happy reading!


Author Name:  Mr.Prayash Pal
Book Title:  The Seed Who Got His Farmer
Reviewer: Neel Preet at Criticsapce

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