Souvenir Emperor, a book by the author who goes by the penname ACEFLIPPER91, is a book based on the ultimate realities of life that one can never do away with. It is a book by the people and more importantly, for the people. 

His book majorly talks about the harsh realities of life and makes up go back to those times in life when we thought everything was under our control. It makes us second-guess our previous decision, thereby, seeking redemption. 

This is a story of a boy, a thinker, believer, doer, creator and an emperor of his own empire. 

ACEFLIPPER91 is an author, entrepreneur and a doctor by profession, who he believes the strength of the society and its power to bring about changes. He firmly believes in humanity and hence, projects his thoughts by writing his books. His concepts and thoughts are unique and will even sometimes send chills down your spine when you read it. 

He believes in a better society and an even better relationship amongst fellow humans. He wishes to send out a particular message to everyone through his writing. He concentrates on spirituality, spiritual upliftment, plain transparent truth and talks about ongoing interactions in the society. 

Though ACEFLIPPER91 is not his real name, he chose this name act as vigilante who is trying to bring change in the society and to start a revolution. To show the right path to everyone by ending their sorrows and pain by bringing happiness and courage within them. His ideology and concepts are unique and the way he empathizes in his books will surely make you lose your sleep. You should try reading his books in order to uncover a an absolutely new path in your life.

“Will of fire exists in us, which is needed to light the torch of life. I will assist you in lighting your spirit.”

So, in case you are a bookaholic and are craving for something new to read, do not fret. We have got you covered. Grab your copy soon and do share your feedbacks! 


Author Name:  Aceflipper91
Book Title:  Souvenir Emperor

Reviewer: Ankita at Criticsapce

Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (10 October 2019)

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