“It’s really lovely to see how poetry is coming back into the limelight and how wonderfully the poets are expressing themselves with their words!”

The very title of this Book, tells a lot about the poems in the book, these poems are indeed unconventional that too without any boundaries and comprises of a various theme, all placed together! The book, “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” by Author Suman Sharma comprises of a total of 50 well versed poems, which are truly incredible and off the wall.

Reviewing this Poetry-Collection book, “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” gave me some real delightful experiences and the way these poems are composed will definitely give you an another and a very new prospective to life. Some of these poems will undoubtedly touch your heart and readers will relate to many of poems in this book!  

The Author, Suman Sharma dedicates this book, to his wife and daughter, which is something very sweet. Also, he believes that all of us eccentric to some extent and this degree of eccentricity varies from person to person. The Author, mentions in his book that the best of the people in history of the humankind were eccentric, be it the great writer, Charles Dickens or Nicholas Tesla, well this observation will simply compel you to give a thought to Author’s belief as both of these personalities had certain strange and outlandish habits in their personal lives. Further, the Author also mentions that even the heavenly bodies follow eccentric orbits, elliptical and not circular, to balance out the various complex forces and the laws of nature, which is a wonderful observation by the Author!

Title: The title of this book, “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” is certainly a catchy one and this is something which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you as a poetry-lover to pick up this book for a read. You would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s expression of words and the words of this genius poet will indeed justify the title as you will go deep into the book. Also, I must mention that it’s a very apt title for a poetry collection book, like this one and the Author has been extremely wise to go for this title.

Theme/Concept: Poetry – There are a total of “50 Poems” in this book, all with different subjects. These poems tend to celebrate our flaws by appreciating the odd and unconventional behaviour of the human beings, which is a very beautiful thing in today’s world. The poems in this book do not stick to one theme and keeps on evolving with plenty of the thought provoking subjects like societal pressure, gender stereotypes, internet obsession, toxic masculinity, nostalgia and mental disorders, gossip and rumours, love and heartbreak, despair and tragedy, want and comfort. This variety of subject matters not only depicts the Author’s emotions but also fills the soul of this book!

Moreover, “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” is a book that breaks the generally accepted norms of the society and encourages what is usually considered unconventional or eccentric by the mass. The Author appreciates the whimsical behaviour in the people and tries to imply that there is nothing wrong in choosing an unconventional path, which many would not find suitable! The book has a very Unique Concept of promoting the weirdness and anything which the society finds odd.  

Some of my Favourite Poems in this book are Hold No Grudges; Hey Dude; Eccentric Orbits; Lights – Camera – Action – Smile – Please; Ashes of A Love Story; Stalactites of Beliefs; Hidden Message; Extroverted Introverted; Nostalgia; Be Careful of What You Wish; Zeroth Law; Number Six; Labyrinth; Newton; Thirteen; Reveal Thyself; Am I Eccentric; Mentor and Survivor, Not Victim.

Readers Connect: The best thing about the Author’s poetry is that there is a story attached to every poem in this book; And as a human you can easily connect to the poet’s emotions. The author had marvellously expressed his intentions through his words and had given a very lively feeling to his poems. These poems give a clear and loud message to the readers, which the readers would surely interpret and get themselves attached to the words of the Author!

Moreover, the way these poems are composed is another strong reason for the poetry lovers to connect with the Author’s work, the flow is very nicely maintained in each of the poem throughout the book. The insertion of those beautiful images gives a very complete look to the chapters as the readers can relate with the image to understand the subject matter of the poems.

Verdict: A Book like “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” is undoubtedly a Must-Read one and deserves a chance, since we do not see a book like this very often. The way author had penned down his beliefs and feelings through his magnificent writings that it will make you go deep into the book and find out the hidden messages from these intriguing poems! This book is very much promising and is bound to give to immense satisfaction. 


Author Name:  Suman Sharma
Book Title:  Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries
Genre: Poetry

Reviewer: Neel Preet at Criticsapce

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