‘Lucifer’s Own Heart’, is an  imaginative, yet realistic, dark book, which explores the innate depravity in the hearts of men.

Aceflipper91’s Lucifer’s Own Heart, lays bare the depravity of the human heart as everyday men make bargains with the devil to obtain their desires.
Composed of a series of vignettes, the book is united both by theme and by the presence of a prescient man who has suffered in love, life and the likes.
The author has a good grasp of the workings of the human mind and the weakness of the human will. He adeptly reveals the mental gymnastics that people usually go through as they plumb the depths of their own inner worlds in an attempt to justify the betrayal of all they hold sacred for some short-term, ego-based gain. With his knowledge of each man’s weakness, the evil one is able to craft a scenario that, in most cases, his victim is unable to refuse. Thus, the book reveals how thin the veneer of morality, honor, and love can be.
The cover art, with its requisite flames and flowers, is appropriate and attractive. The book’s design and layout are pleasing and easy on the eye, and the table of contents helpfully indicates the theme of each story. Of special interest is the chapter 1,“Lucifer’s Own Heart”, in which the protagonist talks about his past relationships and how it has taken a toll on him as a human being and also as an individual.
We have all been gifted a heart that is dynamic – capable of accommodating with the passage of time. Emotions, on the other hand, can be considered a gift or a curse – either of which will play with our heads.
According to the author, we own the devil’s own heart, which is burdened with insatiable emotions, weighing heavier than anything else in the world, only trying to bring it down.
Thus, the author comes up with one solution after another, giving his readers, making way for his readers to let go of all the past mistakes and allow oneself to welcome a better future ahead


Author Name:   ACEFLIPPER91
Book Title:  Lucifer’s Own Heart’
Reviewer: Ankita at Criticspace

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