The bible has a clearcut demarcation between the positive and negative forces and how they impact human lives as per the choices they make. In this sense, a book that is true to life is a work that has the potential to catch a reader’s attention much more strongly than a work that is merely a fragment of imagination or fantasy. The inspiration and the framework an author would take may be fictional, yet; its genuineness makes it sound close to reality and authentic to quite an extent. The same holds true for Azhar’s book, “Situational Sins: A Carnal Damnation,” where the author takes a fictional narrative, but the events and situations he creates are far closer to life and give the readers a taste of reality in a subtle manner.

From a thought-provoking cover to a beginning that could have been least expected, the author makes sure that the readers are in the grip of the narrative with many questions and an equal number of conjectures about how and why things are going in a direction. Therefore, they are glued to the book and swiftly read through the suspense the author builds up in a smooth manner. He uses his discretion carefully and gives out just the necessary details without spoiling the readers’ curiosity and also keeping them impatiently tangled to the book.

At the same time, the author also addresses a variety of themes that are relevant to the contemporary scenario and situation of humankind altogether. In addition to the dominant theme of human trafficking, he talks about themes such as family life, the power of trust, and the modern nature of breaking it without any guilty conscious; the role circumstances play in moulding the life of a person, and the industry of flesh trade and its innocent victims which somewhere or the other is connected to the biblical idea by the readers at a subconscious level. The genre may be mainly of a crime thriller yet; the author packs the book with emotions that characters portray at a personal level. This makes the book open to reading from a psychological, sociological, and humanistic perspective. It also opens the book to reading by a greater number of readers.

Stretching to a little more than 300 pages, “Situational Sins” has the readers in tune from the beginning, and because of its fluidity, the readers go through the book swiftly without losing interest or even having track of the number of pages they have read. This book is recommended to all those who want to read content that is strongly based on reality and closely connected to how humans and destiny can conspire against the life of a person. How one act of kindness can actually put a person’s life in jeopardy is just a set of a few words which trigger the action and takes the protagonist to unimaginable situations. His professional competitiveness, which makes him go with the flow, indicates another aspect of the highly competitive lives at the professional front and how it forces people to make decisions beyond discretion. 

Mature readers would find their interests being held by “Situational Sins” throughout the book as the action changes pace every now and then. Since the content is firmly close to reality, it helps the readers connect instantly. The author creates characters with a lot of effort, and every character carries their own aura and personality. These characters can be traceable in the real world at any nook or corner. The book may have begun with the concept of “sin,” which finds its inception in the bible; the author carefully connects it with the aspects of the present-day world and human lives at large. He shows how sinning is no longer feared, and it’s all about the changing times where people have lost both fear and faith in the operation of the universe and continue to do what they wish to do without any consideration of how it will impact the lives of others.

Young readers may not find the book catching their interests instantly due to the absence of far-fetched fantasy world or idealistic details, but if they approach the text with an open and broad-minded approach, they may find their thinking and perceptions being opened to new horizons which would ultimately help them understand the world much better and they may become wiser than their years. Therefore, recommending “Situational Sins” to readers of all age groups would only imply doing justice to the author’s hard work.

  Situational Sins : A Carnal Damnation
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RATING:  4/5

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