Author Kavita Sarraf, an advocate by profession, has done an applaudable work writing this book called ‘From Knowing to Glowing.’ She has divided it into two parts – the first one describing some noticeable experiences of her life, and the second one conveying her message to the readers.

Kavita was merely 10 days old when she lost her mother to the destiny. She could never see her in own senses. Kavita had only heard stories about her from family and relatives. Her first major experience occurred around the completion of 19 years of her mother’s demise. She had measured herself to have lost 40 kg in the preceding 4-5 months. It was not less than a milestone as she was obese as a kid, someone who weighed 55 kg in 7 years of age itself. Kavita was teased by the kids around. Wantedly or unwantedly, she had also developed and obsession about food and was thinking about it all the time. I leave it as untold how she discovered her strong will and determination to lose those extra kilograms. Also so, what she planned and executed to achieve this milestone.

Kavita’s second major experience involved the loss of two more loved ones. She had become a mother herself by now. Not to one but two kids. In the present times, one of them is a teenager and the other is a pre-teen. Both are into sports and doing well in the field. With all these events occurring in her life, she discovered many realities about life and death. The most convincing one for her being Haruki Murakami’s words which go as follows –

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. An inevitable conclusion of the drama called life.”

The deaths of Kavita’s near ones, which she encountered, had become a life-lesson for her, enabling to reflect upon the inevitable fact of death as a painful truth of life! She realised the importance of love, harmony, strength and unconditional acceptance of each other’s disparities in life as mortals. These deaths turned Kavita into a farsighted person. Now that she had come across the truth of existence, the end of physicality of life and the price one has to pay for it; she felt calm and relaxed.

The description of her third major life experience explains to the readers how she found her calling. It took her to cross numerous threatening hurdles to let this happen and follow the path ahead. She felt the most motivated and liberated at this point of life. It was then that she started feeling debted to the person who was the most responsible for creating these hurdles but had rather led her to her calling anyway. She believed that if he would have not done this, she would not have come to know herself. The author was now showered with compliments about balancing time between family, litigations and studies. Now she knew that she had conquered her fears.

As aforesaid, in the second part of this masterpiece, Kavita has conveyed her message to the readers. She has depicted the connection of knowledge with a wide range of life-aspects.

She has introduced some profound one-liners, like –
~ You are not your past.
~ Your world is not limited.
~ You are born to be liberated.
~ Love yourself unconditionally.

And more. She has used them as powerful sub-headings, which makes the readers’ interest grow fonder, quite naturally.
While throwing light upon the plus points of strengthening one’s knowledge of self and surroundings, Kavita hasn’t forgotten to discuss the dangers of knowing little as well.

The author has given out some really valuable messages about life in a really simple and friendly language. At some places, reading this book even creates a breezy feeling go through the inner self of the readers. For instance, when she talks about calmness, harmony, Buddha’s quotes and soothing sayings. There’s a lot more to be explored though.

Conclusively, I find it to be a promising work and recommend it to readers who are on a quest to discover the hidden realities of life. Needless to say, the publishing team – Evincepub – has done a commendable job bringing it out too.

Book Title: From Knowing To Glowing
Author Name: Kavita Saraff
Reviewed By: Neha Sharma
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Order On: Amazon

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