Title: Meri Ayodhya, Mera Raghuvansh
Author: Rajeev ‘Acharya’
Pages: 328
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd
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The book “Meri Ayodhya, Mera Raghuvansh” based on the humanitarian pastimes of Lord Shri Ram is such a wonderful creation that tries to convey the character of Lord Shri Ram to the readers from the point of view of Lord Shri Ram.

Author Rajeev ‘Acharya’ has skillfully strung together a beautiful and distinctive collection of words in this book. The depiction of Shri Ram’s birth, journey to Tapovan and Panchavati, Bali Vadh, and other events showcases his bravery and self-control, which is sure to captivate readers. The vivid visualization of Ramayana’s characters and scenes make it feel like the book is narrating the story of Ramcharitra to us.

Opinions on the character of Lord Shri Ram vary, resulting in several novels based on Ramgatha that offer a social perspective. However, understanding Lord Shri Ram’s decisions and circumstances and feeling his pain is challenging for everyone. Rajeev Acharya’s book, “Meri Ayodhya Mera Raghuvansh,” has a unique ability to connect with readers’ hearts and emotions. For the first time, readers can experience Lord Shri Ram’s agony from his viewpoint.

The author aims to highlight a different perspective in this novel and hopes to change the mindset of those who struggle to empathize with others. This work is crucial in raising awareness of the Sanatan culture and bridging the gap with today’s generation. It is a challenging task to connect the current generation with the past. Although books can inform, not everyone reads them. Thus, novels like this are essential in linking the present with the past.

The novel is mostly narrated in dialogue format, making it engaging for readers. The conversations between Taadka during her slaughter, Ahilya’s redemption, Shabri’s love, and Shriram’s separation from Jankiji sets this book apart from other novels. The presentation of dialogues from that time period keeps readers connected to the book, and it quickly turns into a work of fiction.

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The book also uniquely highlights small concepts, such as the surrounding environment, through descriptive language. The autobiography of Lord Shri Ram is a masterpiece that is full of emotions. “Meri Ayodhya, Mera Raghuvansh” reads like an autobiography and successfully takes readers through the period. It’s a great read and will meet readers’ expectations.

In conclusion, “Meri Ayodhya Mera Raghuvansh” by Rajeev Acharya is a must-read for anyone interested in Ramgatha and Indian mythology. The book presents Lord Shri Ram’s life and story in a unique way that connects with readers’ hearts and emotions. The author’s skillful writing and vivid visualization of characters and scenes make the book feel like it’s narrating the story of Ramcharitra. Additionally, the book highlights small concepts and the surrounding environment, adding depth to the story. The novel’s dialogue format keeps readers engaged and connected to the story, making it an excellent work of fiction.

Overall, the book is a masterpiece that raises awareness of Sanatan culture and effectively bridges the gap between the present and the past. Anyone looking for an emotional, engaging, and thought-provoking read will not be disappointed with “Meri Ayodhya, Mera Raghuvansh.”

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