Prior to a couple of years ago, no one could have anticipated the sea change that would be touching people’s lives and changing them forever. This became far more apparent when the world was struck by the pandemic, and everyone was adapting to the never thought change. As the adults shifted to the work from home routine and accepted the situation as normal, and adapted to it faster, the ones who had deeper impressions of this change were the young ones, the school-going children. Since there have been many reported psychological effects of the worldwide imposed lockdowns on the grown-ups, children have not been untouched by the happenings either. “Back to School: A useful Guide to navigate through the pandemic” by Shalini Mukund and Lavitha Vaz is a guide for the parents and teachers to help in the transition.

“Back to School” talks of the central issue of the day where children are going through the transition from online to offline. Children are receiving this transition in different ways and responding accordingly. This book attempts to talk about the different responses that parents may get and also tries to provide ideas and insights as to how to address them. The gravity of the situation can be understood by the fact that many grown-ups worldwide are choosing to work from home and are trying for work-from-home options to earn and live. So the effect on children is likely to be far more profound. They may not be vocal about it at present. Hence it is wiser to observe their reactions in order to avoid future repercussions.

Mukund and Vaz in “Back to School,” present the content after thorough research and insights from knowledgeable personnel. Based on this understanding, they share thoughts based on probable situations and the possible ways out of them. While it would educate parents and teachers and help them in addressing the distinct needs of children at this time, it would also help them develop a deeper bond where the children can open up and share their feelings. The division of the book into 7 sections gives a demarcation of the different types of responses that children would have and how they require different kinds of approaches to be understood. The beginning sections explore how the transition from offline to online began and how children have been conditioned accordingly. As the book progresses, the other sections talk about how the transition to the old days is taking place and the variety of behaviours that parents would witness. In this way, the book becomes educational and imparts awareness for this old but new situation.

On a sociological level, “Back to School” by Mukund and Vaz has a stronger and long-term significance. This is due to the fact that the book focuses on talking about the issues of the generation that is the future of the country. Taking care of the future citizens at present is the only way to ensure a secure future. The book focuses on that. It also focuses on the socializing aspect, which is inherent in human nature. This aspect has been more or less absent during the pandemic situation, but since it is a pivotal need for a healthy society, the authors harp on its healthy development throughout the book. The sociological relevance of the book is far more for the children who would start going to school now and have only studied in the online mode.

Since this situation was unprecedented and unanticipated, and the parents would not have faced any like this too, it would become a little more difficult to address it. “Back to School” shows an understanding of the difficulties and tries to provide answers to them. In that sense, the relevance of the book is far more widespread. The different sections with insights from eminent psychologists highlight the thorough research done by the authors before writing the book. This makes the book a product of practicality and increases the credibility of the research done. The research work gives the book the necessary practical touches, and the real-life situations connect it closely to life.

“Back to School: A useful Guide to navigate through the pandemic” by Shalini Mukund and Lavitha Vaz would be a useful book for all the parents who are going through similar situations where they have to put their children on the right track for their better future. It may also be helpful for the people who have kids in their homes with parents going through similar situations. This book is recommended to all who want to navigate through the pandemic into situations like the pre-covid times and make sure that the life of the future of the nation remains undeterred and smooth.

Book Title: Back to School
Author Name:
Lavitha Vaz & Shalini Mukund
Sita Infobytes Solution Pvt. Ltd. 
Reviewed by: Akhila at Criticspace Journal

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