I would like to start by thanking Dr. Gupta for giving us this opportunity from his busy schedule. As your qualification and decorated career graph walks before your name, the very first question that comes to my mind is how do you manage your time for authoring so many books, journals, articles?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Writing is my passion.  It helps me discover the invisible noumena hidden within the visible phenomena.   We are the makers of our reality.   Effective managers are clear that their goal is their reality, which makes their life very simple.   In ancient India, we know the story of Arjuna in Mahabharata, who was clear about visualizing his goal, so hitting a small clay bird’s eyeball with an arrow at a distance was easy and simple.   If we make our reality complex, then we are paralyzed and not able to manage time.  My wife, Bhakti, is a great ally in helping me keep focus on my goals.    

Your recent book’s title can make anyone curious. When the modern world is pacing behind science and deploring anything about God or Divinity or a Divine power, where does your book stand in the market?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:  Modern science has become very complex, because it is anything but objective.  Else, one proficient professor could record the materials and share that online for universal access, learning, and application.   We will not need so many textbooks, professors, and trained professionals on the same subject area, say biology or even micro biology.   People thought that Newtonian science is objective.  We now know that even that is subjective and not able to explain the simple truth of Mother Nature as a nurturer of God, divinity, as well as divine power.   As everybody will appreciate, without nature, there can’t be anything supernatural!  

There are some wonderful abbreviations you cited in your book; like DIVINE or GUIDER. Is there any reference for that?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The book illuminates the truth of three wonderful words: DIVINE, GUIDER, and SHEENY.   The entire universe is made of these three metaphysical elements, found in the ancient Indian wisdom.   

DIVINE is known as divya (divine), kala (time), or bhava (mood) element; its nature is to attract and norm one as a positive, supernatural divine power, it produces gravitomagnetic energy and effect.  It is the entity element that is codified as genes and gives unique freshness to each time moment.  It produces a ten-fold growth in one’s behavior’s effect (karma) in the form of divine energy.

GUIDER is known as guru (gravitation), dik (primordial space), or chit (wisdom), element; its nature is to qualify and transform somebody into a supranatural power.  It produces gravitational energy and effect.  It is the para entity, i.e., ecosystem, element that modifies the mood and generates genetic variations and mutations.   It produces a hundred-fold growth in one’s belief effect (jnana) in the form of etheric energy.  It comprises a ten-fold growth due to one’s behavior guided by that belief, shaping an additional ten-fold growth due to the ecosystem behavior modified by that belief. 

SHEENY is known as ojas, which is the sentient, conscious, or astral element; its nature is to quantify, form, and repel something as a negative, supreme natural, satanic power.  It is the param entity element that is conceived within the mind of a living person, in response to the gravitating light of a para person’s self-attracting divine power.   That para person may be the living person’s reality at another moment.  Or, it may be another living or departed entity.  Or, it may be personified idea or theory.  Or, it may be any form of the star, i.e., an astral entity, including planets, objects, or subjects.  It empowers the mind to be the maker of the mood.  The mind takes the brain as its maker.  The brain takes the physical body as its maker.   We are the makers of the health and well-being and organic nature of our physical body.   So, we are the makers of the present reality and our divinity.   The SHEENY element catalyzes the energy in the form of the cells; it is what gets codified into our genes and conditions our future beliefs and behavior.   It produces sentient energy and effect.  It produces a one-thousand-fold growth in one’s becoming effect (bhakti) in the form of the astral energy, comprising our past divine energy immanent within our soul, our futuristic conscious becoming guided and emanating from our spirit, and our present para-conscious becoming, shaped by our past divine energy and futuristic gravitational energy.

Our entire potential, the future of everybody, is codified by Mother Nature into eighteen letters: six of DIVINE, six of GUIDER, and six of SHEENY. That eighteen-letter reality is what India’s ancient sages referred to as AUM, literally, the potential. A is the force of divinity immanent within us for modifying the naturally gifted potential.  U is the cost of servicing our divinity for modifying the naturally gifted potential. M is the benefit of servicing our benefit symmetric to the naturally gifted potential.  

Once we include the seventh word that includes the six letters, we realize the “simple, one-dimensional 21-unit future,” exchanged by Sun, as the absolute creator of solar universe.  Once we include the entity, para entity, and the param entity who are conceiving these three sets of ideas, we realize the 24-unit “entity”, as a triple octave, of which the para entity octave is without and the param entity octave is within the entity octave.  Once we include the para and param entity octaves, we realize the 26-unit Almighty Creator, known as Saptarishi or the constellation of seven stars, without the Vega star, that completes the octave of almighty creator stellar system.  

You’ve seen a miasma of work culture all around the world; you have been a trainer, have authored books on organizational research, managerial skills; you are a professor. What influenced you to see through divinity? Your book claims about divine energy; do you believe yourself having a divine energy? If yes, when did you discover that?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The first step to see through divinity was knowing what divinity is.   Divinity is known as siddhi – the power to sentiate what is beyond our consciousness.  We can sentiate, i.e., be conscious, of our naturally-gifted potential when we stop ignorantly servicing our divine energy, without consciousness of our goal.  Divine energy is the energy we service, based on the conscious decisions, taken either by us as a leader, or by somebody else for us, that we then para-consciously conceive and reproduce as a follower.  At every moment we are servicing our energy, because we are creating cells that are the energy units and destroying our cells, because of the thermodynamic entropy caused by our beliefs, behaviors, and becoming.  Mother Nature has endowed us with divinity and the power to service our divinity in the form of the divine energy.   If we lacked divinity, we will not be able to make any decisions, leave alone pursue and fulfil any goal.   Our divinity is not a function of our belief in our divinity.   If one does not believe that our physical body’s cells and atoms were once a part of the Sun, as the absolute creator of the solar universe, that does not mean what was once a part of the Sun will leave that person.  I discovered this truth through years of introspection and experience, the fruits of which I share in the book.

What is the purpose behind this book? I mean it is pretty divergent from your previous works. Who are your target audience?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The purpose is to illuminate the science of everything.   Science of everything is not the theory of everything.  A theory that the Sun is the absolute creator can be falsified by showing that the council of seven stars is the almighty creator of the Sun.   A theory that the council of seven stars is the almighty creator can be falsified by showing that the Vega star is the primordial-primordial maternal.   And, a theory that the Vega star is the primordial-primordial maternal can be falsified by showing that the sentient energy we diffuse as living entities eventually recreates the entirety of the Vega star, and indeed everything that is present in the universe.   

My previous works have focused on the management discipline.   However, management theories are guided by bounded rationality and disappear like fads sooner or later and get replaced by alternative theories.  Therefore, unless one is prepared to write about falsifiable theories for gaining a few years of fame, you cannot be a creditable management guru.  Management scholars and practitioners talk about integrity.  Yet, they are the ones always eager to discover the best practices created by others, theorize about those practices, and become the credit collectors and discredit distributors.   Once I decided that I am not going to reproduce what others are saying, and work only on original perspectives, I have become a pariah within the management community.  As I have been repeatedly told, one must be humble and ride on the shoulders of the mortal giants, even if one does not like to die following those supernatural deified giants. 

My target audience is the children, of both the present and the future generations, who are eager to develop themselves, without depending on the giant adults.   The adults have already bound their consciousness and wisdom with the inherited wisdom and false notions.   Only God can help their cause in this life, while they proceed toward a natural degeneration, decay, and death, transforming into an entropy mass of atoms.

Science says energy can neither be created nor destroyed; where does Divine Energy stand amidst all this? Can it be destroyed?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Both the animate cell and the inanimate atoms are the unit of energy.  When we create or destroy cells or atoms, we create or destroy energy.    

I am curious to know about your take on a cell’s development process. You cited 33 phases which is contrary to our biological studies. Would you like to brief about it?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The totality of 33 phases is the metaphysical reality of everything.   The ancient Indian wisdom summed it up as the 33 categories of deities.   In fact, there are 32 categories of deities in the physical realm and one category of deities in the metaphysical realm, who exchange energy with the deities in the physical realm.   32 categories comprise four octaves, since each octave has eight units.  I noted earlier in the interview that an entity comprises 24 units, including an entity octave, a param entity octave within, and a para entity octave without.   Besides, Mother Nature comprises 8 units, which is the primordial entity octave, free from the entity and its diverse forms.  A param entity is the living form of the entity and a para entity is the departed form.   The entity is the perpetuating form, which is the satanic, discordant reproduction of the primordial entity, with a power to be the observing deity, reproducing deity, the knowing super deity, the manifesting supra deity, or the creating supreme deity.  The observing deity is the 33rd form, known as Indra, the lord of the universe, transcending the physical limits.   The observing deity is also known as Sura, the concordant factor who is metaphysically symmetric with the physical realm.   These 33 phases manifest the reality of the entity who has become a negative, “discordant factor”, known as Asura, for differentiating the simple, one-dimensional reality of Mother Nature.   

The universe was originally created as an atom, which became the cell.  Therefore, it should be self-evident that each atom has the power to create the entire universe of objects and subjects.   An atom becomes a cell over 32 phases, by exchanging primordial oneness, i.e., Adi element, with the primordial-primordial creator of that atom.  That primordial-primordial creator is the almighty physical body of the atom, that becomes the cell, and is known as Krishna element.   While modern microbiological science has identified different aspects of a cell in great detail, sufficient to fill several books, it has limited its understanding by categorizing the development of cell into mitosis and meiosis, without considering the totality of the cell’s development.   The book provides specific meanings, scientific terms, and ancient Indian words, for different dimensions and clarifies the sequence in which those dimensions manifest within the cell.  The 33rd phase is the phase through which a cell degenerates, decays, and dies to transform back into an atom.

In the preface, you have mentioned about India’s cultural wisdom and philosophies of our ancient sages. I would like to know if your work is influenced by any particular religion or culture.

Dr. Vipin Gupta:  My work is not influenced by any religion or culture.  In the book, I explain how religion and cultures are formed.  Religion is the correlation among the creature, creation, and the creator.   For each person, religion has a different meaning, and that meaning changes at each moment of one’s life.   The meaning of the religion is shaped by the convergent culture at that space and time coordinate, guided by the divergent energies of the Almighty Creator, i.e., the constellation of seven stars, and the diverse formations of those energies.   Therefore, all religions in the history have had a limited life.   In ancient India, people had consciousness of this truth and, therefore, they prioritized on one’s inner development, so that one can develop oneness with the dynamism of the Almighty Creator and live a liberated life, i.e., a life of moksha, without inheriting any divergent, entropy-causing consciousness or energy from anybody, including oneself.   

As a managerial guru, what do you think about an individual’s own attitude in the development process of an organization?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:  Our attitude is the reflection of our thinking and reasoning.  It is, in fact, our thinking and reasoning.  If our thinking and reasoning is guided by clarified consciousness of the perpetuating reality, then our development as a living organization of cells, and as a manager of an organization of atoms and cells within and without the managed entities, becomes natural and effortless.  We, then, realize a state of being the “primordial greeter,” the one who self-perpetuates naturally in the form of Mother Nature.  In ancient India, the sixteen-dimensional primordial greeter was named as Bhadrakali Durga or Sati-Parvati in her maternal form and Madhusudan in his child form.  A primordial greeter is one entity with many, or infinite, primeval entity, forms.   The 1+6 = 7-dimensional present of the primordial greeter is the absolute deity, the param deity, named Shiva in ancient times.   Shiva is a sentient entity, that we know as Siddha, the one with divinity.

Lastly, I wish to know a management scientist’s take on religion and God? Who is God according to you? 

Dr. Vipin Gupta: A management scientist lives a multi-dimensional life.   His or her take on religion and God is his or her business, which may or may not have any transparent interaction with the management science he or she propounds as a management guru.  I consider myself a professor of sensible management and appropriate science.  We can potentiate our primordial greeter potential only if we stop believing and depending the divinity of an extrinsic entity, i.e., when God becomes synonymous with entropy value about which we do not worry and then let worry deform our positive mental attitude for self-awareness and intentional development.   Even science holds that God, if He exists, serviced all His energy at the point of the creation of the universe, in HIS image.  Any child can tell that if one services one’s entire energy to create something in one’s symmetric image, the one hollows-out what one has and becomes an entropy element.   In ancient India, God and the entropy element was identified as Ishvara, i.e., the perpetuator of our living self as the reality and the greeter of Ish, i.e., the wishable wish of our power to potentiate our potential and be who we truly are.   By letting the falsifiable science manage our life, we become the entropy element and exchange the eventuality of the hollowing-out, the Sarvanasha, at par with that of natural scientist who we are blindly following as if he or she is the Demi-God, or God himself.


Author Name:  Dr. Vipin Gupta    
Book Title: What is Divine Energy   
Interviewed By:  Atrayee Bhattacharya at Criticspace Journals        

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