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As it is known that a textbook is a book that contains facts about a particular subject that is used by people studying that subject. This book of ‘ An Introduction To Lightning And Switching Surges In Power Systems ‘ by Author Subir Ray covers the basic theory and practice starting by answering the genesis of lightning and its effects. It explains the fundamental electrical principles and electronics components and continually relates them to real-world examples.

 What to expect from the book?

A good electrical engineering book will jump-start a beginner’s journey into learning electrical and electronics engineering. The best electrical engineering books cover various electrical engineering topics, are easy to understand, and cover both theoretical and practical applications. This book by author Subir Ray satiates both the kinds and can be read by undergrad and post-grad students. As this book basically focuses on fewer topics from the big branch of Electrical Engineering stream, the book is small and handy.

 Who can read?

The book is intended for the engineers from the Electrical Engineering branch of study. The book mentions that it can help both the under and postgraduate students. A through skimming of the book made me realize that the font, page structure and the contents are quite attractive to read.

 Few words about the author:

Subir Ray, PhD (Engg) was an Advisor, Professor and Head, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, G.B.Pant University, Pantnagar. He had also taught at NIT Jamshedpur and was a visiting Professor at MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore, after having a three-year stint at GNIT Sodepur, Kolkata Professor and Head Electrical Engineering department. He has more than 50 years of teaching experience at the UG and PG levels in Power System, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Measurements and Microprocessors. He has published several research papers in national and international journals.

 How good is the author’s writing style?

The book is written in a very accessible and simple language which the students will find it easy to apprehend. There are many tables and graphs present in the chapters in detailed. The factual and diagrammatic representation of the various topics explained in the books will also act as a ready reference for a quick tour of the subject.

How informative is the book?

This book, by Author Subir Ray, is an extensively written book on lightning and switching surges in power systems, as the title suggests. The book from the initial chapters talks about the lightning phenomenon’s fundamentals and its discovery by Benjamin Franklin. In the book’s preface, the author has suggested this book for certain students, but as an engineer and interested in physics, this book is quite informative and descriptive.

 Final Verdict

A cumulative textbook of many topics that pertain to lightning

Rating: 4/5

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