“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

This book, “ZERO: Dream. Football. Alfresco” by Author Rubayta Umeed can most certainly be regarded as a great Inspirational Fictional Plot. The story has been set with the plot of a young boy who does not perform well in his studies, but has some exceptional talent on the field, when it comes to playing football. Despite having troubles every now and then, the young kid shows resilient and follows his passion for the game of football. His mother has been his rock solid support all through his journey.

The book is simple and yet impactful in many ways, which the readers will find by going deep in the plot. It reflects the sheer confidence, which the author has portrayed while depicting the story. The theme has been set to Inspire People to overcome their hurdles. Our lives may be different with different kinds of struggles, still each of us can handle our obstacles, which the life has served us and can overcome those hurdles!

The Author, Rubayta Umeed is just 14 years old girl, who is not just a great writer but also an excellent artist. Her imagination, grip on the storytelling craft and presentation skills are worlds apart. At the time it is impossible to believe that she is so young. The intensity in the characters she displays is very commendable which proves that she has a natural fling for writing. The book will leave a positive and imaginative emphasis on the readers’ mind as she has vividly depicted the scenes with her strong narratives. As she began writing this book, the plots and characters itself came in her mind. She has mentioned a special gratitude note to her mother, Dr. Meer Hameeda, for being the power behind her strong narratives.

Zero: Dream. Alfresco. Football, the Book Title is unique and has been appropriately chosen. The story has been set in Honjo, a Japanese town. The main character of the Story is Alfresco Keith, a young boy, who struggled and rooted for his success, starts from zero, overcomes the hurdles and then re-establishes zero which became his identity.

Alfresco is not only just a Lead Character but has been chosen well to inspire the young children all around the world. He discovers a Dog Arata, who stays with him like a magnet throughout his journey. The young boy, who lost his father at a very tender age, his family was sustained by his mother, Nori Keith and grandmother, Lia. Later, as the story proceeds a few more characters has been added such as his classmates, friends, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins, Football trainer, to keep the story alive. Sofia, his girlfriend, has also played a successive role in his establishment as a renowned Football player. Every character has individualistically contributed to build the story.

The story goes on being more interesting as Alfresco begins his journey to find the killers of his father. The book takes more twist and turns and also holds emotions that will leave a Footprint in Readers’ Heart. There comes a point when the death of his closed ones makes him giving up on his dream but he comes back motivated from the voices of same souls who wish him to chase his dreams.

Not only the plot of this book is praise worthy, but also this book takes the readers through an emotional journey of the protagonist, Alfresco is explained in a very touching manner. The Mystery about Alfresco’s father, Ayemu is maintained very nicely and the sequences of the story in Japan is truly interesting!

The story is beautiful, ending up with justice and fulfilling the dream. It holds dream, emotions, mystery, suspense, love, friendship and bravery to choose the truth. A tale of passion, love and loss, went far deeper than just a creative story. The author either selects a theme and builds story around it or vice a versa, whichever way she does it, she does it the best.

Through this, the Author highlights not everyone can be good at studies but not being good at studies does not mean you are good at nothing. Everyone has something different and unique from others. Thus, to become the best at what you do you need to Follow Your Passion!

If you are an avid book reader this book should definitely be in your Bucket List. Readers those are Animal Lovers who cannot just miss this book. The bond between Alfresco and Arata (his pet dog) is presented effectively and in cute manner. The narration is effective; readers can visualize the situations. The characters are well plotted too. The book is simply impeccable and if you haven’t read this book yet, you are missing on to something in life.


Author Name: Rubayta Umeed
Book Title: ZERO: Dream. Football. Alfresco
Publisher:  Woven Words Publishers (2019)
Reviewed By:  Neel Preet

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