“The woods seem lively and leaves more green,

The sun ready for another stage, leaving the scene,” 

The birds in exuberance, hurrying to their nesting. 

The man tends himself to lay on the velvet green lurking. 

Overview: I have been a very good reader of poetry but certainly did not get to read anything like this for so long! Deepak’s poetry seems to have a purpose and at the same time, it offers lots of things to the readers which makes him different among other poets. Poet Deepak Singh stays true to the heading BABI (The Beings of Light) that he has given to his eclectic collection of poems. Drawn from real and imagined people and situations, the poems vary in size, form and tone. Truly written at different times, when in diverse moods, they reflect slices of life experienced. Most of the poems in this book seem to stem from a happy and peaceful person. Words such as ‘undiscovered’, ‘moisture’, ‘soul’, ‘faith’ abound on the pages. Poet Deepak has used certain words which you may not have read in present literature, however, these words have a deep meaning and it feels really great to enjoy those golden words. The way of writing of Deepak is completely different from other poetic style and it can be enjoyed very well.

Cover/ Layout: The cover design is very much attractive and so the look and feel of the printed copy. The book has been perfectly written and designed, not so very long and not so very short in number of pages. It has around 103 pages so it can be your perfect weekend read

Theme: Truth has many faces and all of them are true. Likewise, poetry has many doors to be opened by the poets and all of them lead to the same destination – the good, the charming and the true. Poems by Deepak Singh are wonderful, dedicated mostly to love, arousing aesthetic senses and not very deep to confuse the readers with the pain of delayed decoding.

In the test of love, the generous set,

The avid love, the maximum sufferance to get,

Because the love when pass the test of resistance,

It flows the smooth love Oh! My dearest beloved. 

The content is certainly interesting. The poem is romantic, affectionate and light. Deepak’s imagination meets the suitable words here and the same is the story in almost each of his poems in the collection. The poems are sometimes almost the reflection of Deepak’s heart and mind. This collection of poetry seems to be a tribute to the souls who have been in love at any occasion in their lives. A collection of 45 long poems, this book is more or less like an inward journey which takes place and the poet realises his actions, learns various things and feels the corn and thorn of life along the way.

Talking about the poetic skills of Deepak, there is not much to talk but to experience and relish. If you try to find the lustre, you might not find in the words but in the emotions which ooze out of the chosen words by the poet. I read it not like reading a collection of poems but like reading a story in verse and I enjoyed it far more! Poetry is freedom and so, the verse is free! It needs not to be perfect but sensible and communicating. And all that is found in the poems in the collection with a long and reaching title – BABIE: The Beings of Light.

This is an anthology of poems reflecting various aspects and relations in life. The topics cover ranged over a wide range like romance, psychology, humor, and even the part of astronomy. So the collection will never make you feel bored and will keep you hook up till the end.

My Review: This is one of those rarest collections which is almost impossible to find in the current scenario. I will advise every reader of poetry to go through this collection and try to find what the poet might have to disclose to them. I don’t have any negative marks for the author so I will give 4.5/5 ratings for this book. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India by opening the link giv


Author Name:   Deepak Singh
Book Title: BABIE: The Beings of Light
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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