Local Anaesthesia or a Permanent Solution

Do the Self-Help books have the potential to help with the disdains of the society which have crept to its utmost core?

The motivational masterpiece in its own form is similar to many trending books available for Self-Help & even for Motivation also.

But, the unavoidable questions are….

Up to what extent it helps? Are these methods intrinsic or cosmetic?

Are they full proof healing methods for every sufferer belonging to diverse walks of life?

Are they full proof methods in the most severest environments around us?

Because, in today’s age – when our food intake, air, water all are either polluted or adulterated, had badly infected our DNA & deteriorated our immunity since many years. When their counter measures lacks proven credibility. And, when we all are struggling in the fiercest competitive world, where the credibility of natural instincts of – “Survival Of The Fittest” is limping uncontrollably…only those can survive, who relativity doesn’t allow others to survive in so-called fair competitiveness. And this is an unavoidable harsh fact in today’s all walks of life at all levels

– market, professional life, society, country, world, anywhere you can peek into….

So all such unavoidable FACTORS in our life are real reasons behind stress, depression, anxiety. The severity & scale of those factors are soaring in exponential multiples. Whereas, the methods to overcome are traditional, more or less derived from our ancient arts of life, when there was not such pollution, adulteration & manifold diversities.

A comprehensive study suggest that until & unless, these so called external FACTORS wouldn’t be curbed, till then Stress, Depression & Anxiety are undoubtedly keep ingressing in our lives. The methods suggested would be acting as local anesthesia, not as permanent solutions.

Author: Udit Kapoor
Paperback Bunko: 80 pages
Publisher: BIGFOOT PUBLICATIONS LTD.; First Edition edition (2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 8193716329
ISBN-13: 978-8193716328
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Reviewed By: Manoj Kumar Sharma

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