I am sireesh. I am pursuing my bachelors. I am from Dindigul, Tamilandu. My dad is an entrepreneur and my mom is a domestic engineer. My parents have been the imeptus that I’ve ever needed to succeed. According to me biology is an indispensable subject and a science that can not be changed or altered. Biology is my passion and so I wanted to contribute something for it. SEMANTICS OF BASIC BIOLOGY is my first book and its the fruit of my hardwork. This book is a small drop in an ocean of Biology. May the ripples create a passion to delve more into Biology as it is a study of our own body. I thank all my professors and teachers for sowing the seeds of wisdom in me.

I consider biology as a vital subject and my desideratum was to create interest among the young minds in the field of biology.Many children are reluctant to study biology because of its binomial terms and diagrams and so I decided to disentangle various biological concepts and my book would help children to overcome their fear.I have explained all the concepts in point form and so students would empathise it efficiently.I am sure that my book would solve the dubieity of children regarding Taxonomy,Cytology, Animal physiology and ecology.

Very soon after publishing my first book.I was on cloud nine as I got fortuity to publish an article about uterine fibroids. I would like to thank Evincepub publishing for the wonderful opportunity.

I was on seventh heaven when my book got published. As I was new to the field of writing initially, i faced many obstacles and struggles but with the help of my professors I overcame all those obstacles courageously.

In my first book I have elucidated various zoological concepts and I have started writing my second book where I will try to make complicated elements in botany comprehensible.

I consider writing as an art which needs rigorous practice to be accomplished and I could shake off anything as I write.

Writing is a chronic disease from which we can not get rid off.Start reading more and more books finally you will end up writing a good book. Have someone to inspire you.DR.MRS.JAYANTHASRI BALAKRISHNAN is my inspiration because she is a great altruistic and a sagacious person. Her words are so magical and it would make our souls to blossom. Her words are my therapy. Her words helped me to light up the room of knowledge.

  • Author: Sireesh N M
    Book Title: 
    Semantics of Basic Biology
  • Paperback: 147 pages
  • Publisher: Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (9 November 2019)
  • ISBN-10: 9389482860
  • ISBN-13: 978-9389482867
    Amazon Link: Buy On Amazon

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  1. This book is more interesting and easy to learn as well as to understand .More interesting thing you can observe from this book is each individual can read by their own without somebody help and especially diagrams in this book is drawn by the author it’s so realistic

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