A spinning, moving, fiction novelette!

I have always been a fan of fictions and mystery genre. And this time, I got a chance to read a novelette of the same kind. From the author of ‘Twenty Three: Collection of Short Stories’ comes another interesting piece ‘Potentially Divine Souls’. The book has been published by Evincepub Publishing. Potentially Divine Souls is a complete page-turner with full of suspense and emotions.

The title ‘Potentially Divine Souls’ seems quite interesting and mysterious. In this story, we witness the journey of Divine Souls and unravel the mystery behind their existence. This book is really like a light that erases the darkness of your negativities and gives new rays of positivity. It will introduce the goodwill and spirit to yourself.

Coming to the story, the ‘Divine Souls’ are those whom God had sent to fulfil specified objectives. In initial chapters, the author Bikramjit has described the concept of Yugas and the other ages being, especially about Kaliyuga and Satyayuga. The Kaliyuga is the last stage of Yugas the world goes through as part of a ‘cycle of Yuga’. The first and best Yuga was Satya Yuga. This Yuga had zero crime and hundred per cent of kindness.

The main characters of the story, Nirbaan, Ambkesh, Satyo, Daityo, and Anondo have some superpower that is gifted by the God. This story is about the life and time of these five potentially Divine Souls. The team ‘Potentially Divine Souls’ was headed by Nirbaan because he was the oldest person of them. They all having the power to travel across time and space and they can visualize the future. But Satyo closed his eyes and embraces a peaceful death. Satyo left all four friends very early. So it gets very interesting to find out why Satyo left all of them so early? 

The story moves to the past and there you will get to know about a beautiful love story. The love between Satyo and Raashi. Nirbaan, Ambakesh, Satyo, Daityo and Anondo were the five divinely guided souls. They were also very good friends in college life. Satyo meets Raashi for the very first time while visiting Ramachandani College for his admission test. They got attracted to each other. Satyo and Raashi’s relationship is beautifully described by the author and definitely, you will love this part in the novel. Raashi was an integral part of Satyo’s life, to be more precise she herself was his life. Satyo had all good friends and very beautiful love partner.

Although it is sometimes said that out-of-sight–out-of-mind, this was certainly not the case with these two who were deeply in each other’s heart. A very close proximity was felt each day and each night, even if they had been miles apart from each other. 

What Satyo did in his past? What happened in his life? What happened with his love Raashi? What tragedies did he witness? These are all questions which will create excitement to keep the pages turning as I said at the starting of my review.

My Rating: I will keep my rating for this book at 3.5/5. I am impressed by the way the story has been put out to the readers. It took me two sittings to complete reading this novel and you can also enjoy it very well. 

The ideal audience of this book: Moreover, the weekend and occasional readers of fiction will also like reading the book because it keeps the tempo of anticipation and curiosity alive thoroughly. Bikramjit, as a novelist, has really done well with his second book.


Author Name: Author Bikramjit Sen
Book Title: Potentially Divine Souls
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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