I smiled at her

And nodded as if

I understand her

I looked in her eyes

And asked silently

My unknown quer

‘Hide & Seek’ is a kind of book which could not only excite a reader but also present a somewhat true picture of the current scenario, which, in this case, is not specific but random poems which will be loved by each and every poetry lovers as there are enough poetic lines and topics that you may cover-up. This is a collection of poetry written by S K Sharma, a poet based in Punjab. A poet by heart, S K Sharma has delivered a rich and pure collection of 106 poems combining all in 287 pages. The poems differ in theme and we can say has been written in different moods with random poetic thoughts. These poems, if I may say, actually talk to the readers much more than mere text could do ever! 

In this beautiful collection of poetry, you will also find the instances like this where the poet is actually reflecting upon the grim realities of this modern age where things have changed dramatically and we have all but become the slaves of a mechanic set-up.

The visual appeal of the paperback book is excellent and so the cover design! You cannot keep yourself from reading the book as soon as you see it and getting inside, you will be taken into a world through the eyes of ‘Hide & Seek’ by S K Sharma. The images used before every poems justify the individual poem at its best.

When I came across this title and I got to know that I had to review it, Hide & Seek, believe me, I thought it must be something written in flowery pose and normal tone. To my surprise, it was one of those rarest moments when I am just deceived by my very own notions. Hide & Seek by S K Sharma is, in fact, a collection of beautiful poems which are written to promote the great art of poetry writing as well as the great pleasure in a poetry reading. And the author is equally justified in his poems very well.

S K Sharma is a poet from Punjab and he shows his taste for the classics, whether it’s reading or writing, all are wonderful! The poems, as I came across, by S K Sharma are certainly on a different pedestal compared to those which we find daily on a casual day in the magazines or on the web. This collection certainly displayed some promise for poetry and poetic skills. 

S K Sharma’s poetry is grave and far serious as raises the important questions in verse. He writes:.

 Truth every now and then

A sneaky lie

A white lie may be

Sometimes true


She concocted a lie

“I love you, dear”

When she sensed

My true love

With no tinge of a black lie

‘And believe me, I have been a very good reader of poetry but certainly did not get to read anything like this for so long! Sharma’s poetry seems to have a purpose, and at the same time, it’s a perfect read for poetry lovers. 

And this is certainly amazing! The poet has no qualms in speaking his mind and this boldness and frankness of his verse make the poetry of S K Sharma not only praiseworthy but also the true representative of this modern age. S K Sharma understands the requirement of modern poetry lovers, though he has kept the beauty of traditional poetry as well. This is the modern age dilemma that the poet has captured very beautifully!

My Ratings: I will surely give 4.5/5 stars for this amazing and rich collection of poetry. To all the serious poetry readers out there, I will certainly suggest going through this experimental, classic and beautiful collection of poems. S K Sharma as a poet has many things to offer to the readers of poetry in this enchanting collection. You certainly will miss a lot if you don’t grab a copy now. Get a copy for yourself from the Amazon link given in the description.


Author Name: SK Sharma
Book Title: Hide & Seek
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (15 February 2019)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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