Title: Office Secrets: 50 Human Truths You Should Absolutely Know
Author: Harish Bhat
Pages: 256
Publisher: Penguin Business
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About the book: The business masks we don conceal a lot of information. The most effective aren’t the top-secret financial figures or top-secret strategy documents stashed away in locked cabinets or safes, but rather the straightforward ones: a decent cup of filter coffee, kindness, and thirty minutes to yourself.
This book presents a variety of intriguing and practical tips that might make your career significantly more successful. Additionally, they may enhance your happiness.
A variety of topics are covered, including the most effective ways to deal with weariness, setting up your workspace, the importance of listening, why being kind is so important at work, workplace lessons from Hercule Poirot, and what you can learn from the cookies that your coworkers consume.
With his distinctive insight, Harish Bhat writes with the intention of delighting, provoking, and forever altering the way you view offices.

About the author: In the past 34 years, Harish Bhat has served in a variety of capacities within the Tata Group, including managing director of Tata Global Beverages and chief operating officer of the watches and jewellery divisions of Titan Company Ltd. He is currently the brand custodian at Tata Sons. Harish is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) and BITS Pilani. In addition to receiving the British Chevening Scholarship for Young Managers, he was awarded the IIMA Gold Medal for Academic Excellence. He was given the BITS Pilani Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2017. He has contributed to the creation of numerous popular Tata brands as an ardent marketer. He contributes regularly as a columnist to

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