Book Title: The title of the book #Mylifeline is simple and depicts clarity which is often preferred by most of the readers. It also evokes curiosity leaving the readers wondering who or what is this lifeline that the author refers to.

Book cover: The book cover illustrates a man standing on a mountain top amidst the wake of the dawn in a manner proclaiming victory. The tagline ‘Hope keeps alive’ is a positive affirmation which would instil optimism in the hearts of the readers.

Plot: Life, as we all know, is a roller coaster ride and the ones who lose faith may often stumble. So it is highly important to keep believing in oneself and facing all the oddities in life fearlessly. The book #Mylifeline shows how in spite of going through several highs and lows in life, we can keep the determination and optimism intact. It is the story of a young boy named Nishana who is on the verge of starting a new journey in his life. He met the love of his life named Shikha and together they face the several hardships that life had to offer on their path to success. It is a story which shows how in life, we would often have several battles to combat with but losing is never an option. We either get through them triumphantly or we don’t try at all and the latter is never an option. Nishana too like any other youngster faces a lot of challenges in his new journey. In a world which was full of people with masquerade, it was difficult for him to keep the confidence yet he didn’t falter. In spite of all the hardships, he kept his hopes and spirits high, thus finally emerging out victorious. Likewise, we should draw motivation from Nishana and Shikha’s story and try to instil a ‘Never Say Die’ spirit within ourselves. Only then we can keep going through life with a smile on our face despite what may come in our path.

What I like: The simple storyline coupled with optimism which kept me engaged without much effort is what I liked the most in this book.

What I didn’t like: A little bit more insight into the backgrounds of the characters would have helped in shaping up the story better. Also at times, it felt a bit common and monotonous but the author made up for the flaws with his powerful message.

Characters: Each and every character is portrayed in a manner highly vivid thus aiding the readers in bringing them to life. Without much effort, the author has been successful in building up characters we could connect with emotionally, thus imagining them as one of us.

Narration: The narration is simple and without any unnecessary exaggeration. Throughout the book, the author maintained a very lucid narration which is quite easy for the readers to empathize with the protagonist.

Language & Grammar: Just like the narration, the language too is quite plain and simple thus helping the readers to comprehend what the author is trying to express. He has been successful in deciphering a very strong and positive message in his book.

My Final Verdict: I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who is going through a rough patch in his or her life and needs a little push to get going. All in all, it is a highly motivating story of hope and determination which we often lack. So it is a good read for anyone who wants a little encouragement and a whole lot of optimism.


Author Name: Vishal Patel
Book Title: #Mylifeline
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India, 2018
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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