Aw-your brightest face 
Smiled at me 
You seemed so close 
As if would touch
Your if I make a jump dance.

Poetry has always been our first and probably most sustaining love. But what we never knew, years before we knew one another, was that sharing our poetry would be our bridge to a deep and lasting friendship. “A day for myself” by Bharati Nayak is a collection of 48 English poetries. The book has been loved and praised by many well-known personalities of the literature world and the reviewers as well. We can find these forewords and reviews at the end of the book.

I like the honesty that comes through her poems that are so gut-wrenchingly honest and pure that your heart literally goes out for her. I read this book before a few days, but I couldn’t bring myself to write a review as I was speechless as to how someone can convey so much in mere sentences still trumps me.

Bharati Nayak is a supportive presence in a world-spanning community of poets. She is generous with her comments, to which she brings a strong grounding in own country’s traditions plus cosmopolitan inclusiveness. As revealed through her own poetry, her mind is a fountain of devotion and wonder. Her many-sided lyrical impulses often strike a resonance between humble, personal perceptions and life’s most precious gifts. As she testifies “A Music is Made” she is aware of the music weave a fabric of contemplation, which she transforms into the answering music of her poems.

She is born in Odisha India. She used to contribute regularly to school magazines. She believes that writing is a powerful medium that can bring about social change. Her poetry has since come of age and has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies of national and international repute namely poetry Against Terror, Poet Against Inequality, Rock Pebbles, Splash of Verse, Orissa Review, Pain, Pleasure and Paradox in Poetry and in the newspaper The Statesman. Bharati Nayak’s works include a collection of English poems namely Word Are Such Perfect Traitors and a collection of Odia poems namely Padma Pada.

A Day For Myself  My life sails 

pass by, the days, months and years 

Who keeps their records?  These are my treasure 

I give them away with no bounds 

Take it  As much as you wish but leave 

Only a day for me. 

These beautiful poems talk about life, happiness, desires, wishes, motivation, society, love and many more human emotions which we experience in our day to day life. This is the main reason why all people are loving this collection by Bharati Nayak. While reading the poems, you can really feel the poems and you will surely remember some moments of your life. Bharati has collected so many feelings and emotions in fewer words where we all can find our story inside. She has done an amazing job by writing “A Day for Myself”. 

I have heard so many people praising and talking about the marvelous writings of Bharati Nayak in her poems. When I finally picked it up, I was in awe of her writing style, her strength and her determination to rise up against all the odds. When I started reading these poems, I couldn’t stop in between. I finished it in about two hours and I was touched. I did go back to a few of her verses to think more deeply and yes, I did note some of them down to gain strength during difficult times in the future.

My Review: My ratings for this collection will be 5/5 for sure as I am very much impressed by the theme selection, language and narrative way of the poet. The cover design, blurb, everything is perfect. You can surely go for this if you are looking for a wonderful collection of poetries.


Author Name: Bharati Nayak
Book Title: A Day for Myself
Publisher: Authorpress, 2018
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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