So as I told you in my previous review that I will come up with the review of the sequel of book #MyLifeline, here is my review of #MyLifeline: Part-II Roller-Coaster Nightmare’s. 

The author got this book published almost after one year of his first publication and the readers were already very much excited to get it on their hands. The cover and overall look exactly fits to the theme and relates with its first part. 

The Plot: This is a true inspirational story of a young man who faces a lot of difficulties and challenges on the path of success. Success is not final and failure is not the end, all we need to have is the courage to face these with belief and determination. Author Sevak has beautifully managed to tell the story with may belong to most of our life incidents. Nishan and Shikha’s beautiful chemistry will keep you connected with the story every time. #MyLifeline-II is not just another new age book with recycled positivity and inspiration. It gives you a fresh breath of air among many competing books in this genre, which sound all too similar. Delicate issues like failure ego, pride, love, affection, definitions of the love of different kinds, the story of Nishan and Shikha, and many other issues are touched in the book which is in addition to the major religious and spiritual discourse. 

Apart from the positivity, you will get bitter truths, failures, learn, hope, struggle which will surely let you fall in love with the Sevak’s story. The narration of the author is simple yet appealing. Overall the book is a complete page-turner for any book lover. 

The Blurb: The blurb says it all!

#MyLifeline, is a true Inspirational story which one must have to feel and live. This Novel is for all the youth, the young generation to identify themselves, to fight against their own inner weakness, their fear of society, their shamefulness, their heavy depression, their guilt for their innocent efforts and eventually to fight against their guilt for their failures. As such there is nothing to hide from this world, from oneself. Failure is a part of everyone’s life but very few people comes out of it. They remain depressed and demotivated all the time where sometimes, they lose their faith on their well-wishers, on god and always feels alone, which leads them to the wrong step. Thus, this Novel will lead readers especially our youth, towards identifying their inner peace and ultimate happiness by overcoming their depression/demotivation due to their failures. It will help them to realize their failure, realize its associated pain, learn to be positive and tackle their heavy depression to see what this beautiful world has to offer. It will lead them towards self-motivation and will help them attain ultimate inner happiness. 

The book is being appreciated and liked by many readers and book critics. So, what’s in this book? Why is it getting the attention of the readers? You will get all the answers! Go grab your copy! We have shared the link in the description. 

Ratings: 4.5/5 Stars! To keep it simple, I have never read anything like this and I will suggest all my readers go through this book and understand what the failure and success really is certainly, this is not final and this is not what should be taken as the ultimate truth. However, #MyLifeline will certainly prove to be an important milestone in your understanding and comprehension about the world and its functions, taking into account the life’s ups and downs. 


Author Name: Vishal Patel
Book Title: #Mylifeline-II
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition ,(8 January 2019)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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