We recently came across an amazing book “Love in Siesta: A Collection of Short Stories” written by Avik Gangopadhyay. In this article, we are going to share a review of this book. Whenever we pick a book for reading, we should also properly know the author as well. Its gives a better experience to read the book. Author Avik is a great personality and has lots of literary achievements.

The Author: Avik Gangopadhyay, Indian author of repute already has 30 published books in English and Bengali to his credits. His uncommon treatment and interdisciplinary approach to Aesthetics and Theories of Literature, Language and Criticism, Death of Languages, not-so-discussed historical issues, Philosophical and religious ‘ISMS’, Indological studies, Editorial endeavour in 6 books of poems and short stories – received wide and unique critical attention in India and abroad. (Source: www.avikauthorindia.com)

The Theme: Love in Siesta, a collection of Short Stories presents an artistic enquiry into the dark mysterious realm of human psyche and provides the readers an opportunity to witness the ever-changing nature of the world with the eternal flow of time. In this book, the author has experimented not merely with the style and narration but also with the theme of love itself, which makes this collection unique. The author’s mastery over his craft is evident in his precise use of excellent words and expressions coupled with the eloquent writing style, which heightens the reading experience to a great extent. From the title and cover, you will feel like it’s just simple love story but when you will turn the pages inside, you will get know that you have got very special collection. It’s a complete page-turner collection with lots of twists and turns in the stories. The book answers lots of questions which we face being in love relationship with anyone. These questions are very much common yet we forget to find answers to it and yes, these affect our relations very much. So definitely, you will find yourself connected with the story somewhere every time. This is what we call a true success of any author and Avik has already got this.

The stories are rich in natural description and through each of the stories the author has constructed a world of its own, where we love to dive into and lost in oblivion. The stories hide in theme multiple layers of meaning which can be interpreted differently. Another important aspect of the book is that Avik, the author, has tried to define love in great terms through his different stories. I loved this part in the book. Absolutely, none can match the mastery of these classic short stories by Avik. Though all the stories have their merits and demerits, some of them have posed seriously to my thinking.

It was an amazing experience going through his work. I recommend every fiction romance lover to read this book. Critically, the author has done his best to bring his emotions to the words. He has transformed his ideas into quality narratives which will not make you feel low. The book is being loved by the readers of every genre so if you are not much in a romance novel, then also you should give try to it. This is surely going to be the best reads you have ever had. What more you can expect from a short story collection? Let’s settle with this good one from Avik and enjoy the rains with this “Love in Siesta: A Collection of Short Stories”!

Final Ratings: My ratings for this collection will be 4.5/5. My concluding remarks about the book would be – superb! After many days I found something of this kind and I truly enjoyed reading the book to the end. There is a great fusion of the love and the relation of people with that. If you want to make your week soothing and special, go and grab a copy from the Amazon online store and enjoy the read.

So we will come up with our next review very soon. Do comment what you like the most about this book. We have given the purchase links in the description. Happy Reading


Author Name: Avik Gangopadhyay
Book Title: Love in Siesta: A Collection of Short Stories
Publisher: Xpress Publication
Review By: Neel Preet

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