“Just when you think that everything is over, the magic happens! Don’t give up because the best is yet to come.”

The book, “Fitting into Life” by Author Hasina Saiyeda is a fictional story of a 25 years old Girl, who is fighting with her family and the society to find the ways and reasons of her survival. In this book, the Author had wonderfully penned down the delightfulness of compassion and how the power of “Love” and “Empathy” could heal anyone. Also, there is an unexpected turn and twist of events in the later part of the plot, which really makes you believe in the paths of optimism.

The Author has very well narrated the ordeals of a young adult girl who is suffering from a society created mental disorder but is absolutely sound and safe. This piece of writing is all about how she gets back to life; how she finds her passion to live again; and how she changes her perspective towards the challenges in life. Well, these are not the only events discussed upon in the book, there is much more to the plot. The Author has also thrown light upon friends’ therapy, and how empathy could get back someone to live.

The Author, Hasina Saiyeda is 24 years old, Kolkata based Technical Content Writer, who has the knack of telling stories to the world. She has completed her graduation in Computer Science Engineering in the year 2018 and is currently pursuing post graduate diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management. She loves writing and contributes her writing to blog and other online platforms. She even runs her own blog in spare time where she writes about various topics related to writing and reading. Being passionate about writing, she took it up as a Profession after her graduation and targets to share her ideas with larger audience through her writings. She writes in simple English so that everyone can read her stories no matter what language they speak. She is a writer of a short story book, “Melodies of Life” which was published in January 2019. She is also fond of writing instant quotes. Apart from writing, reading and collecting books; writing journals and working on illustrated journals are her hobbies.

The story is set-up in India and protagonist, Ritabhari, is a 25 years old girl who suffers from a mental disorder as well as depression, which makes her walk on the painful roads, where she finds it difficult to fit into life like other regular people, whom she encounters around her in daily routine life of hers. This event made her secluded from her family, friends, society and she even lost her job. Further her life became even more challenging when her family failed to help her and to manage her temperaments and moreover, they stared treating her like a typical mentally ill patient. And due to this solitude she tried to commit suicide many times. Finally, how a phone call from her school friends, after 8 long years changed her life completely, is beautifully scripted in the book.

The title, “Fitting into Life” is very much apt for this particular plot, as in the concluding parts of the story, she finds herself happily fitting into whatever and wherever she is and she learns to enjoy everything, which came into her way with gratitude.

While she was planning to suicide for the 6th time, wherein, her first 5 suicide attempts were also failures, she received a phone call, which was from her school friends, after a gap of really long time period. And that’s how she escaped the suicide for the 6th time and came to a position where she found out those ways which could let her to fit into the life, as a regular person! Thereafter, the further progression of story of how all the friends enjoyed their holiday to Darjeeling and how they planned to get Ritabhari back into life, as a regular person is a roller coaster journey. At last, she found everything, which were her very requirements from her life in that trip. In that very Darjeeling trip, she found love, compassion, fun and life.

This story of Four-Friends and their empathetic attitude to help their Fifth-Friend, can certainly be regarded as a Winner’s Deal. So, go ahead and give a read to this story of “4 Fitting into Life Friends and 1 Misfit” and their journey!


Author Name:  Hasina Saiyeda
Book Title: Fitting into Life
Publisher: Literatureslight Publishing (2019)
Review By: Neel Preet

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