I had reviewed her first book and now I got the chance to review ‘Journey to Atlantis’ her latest work. The book ‘Journey to Atlantis’ is an adventure novel written published in the year 2018. She made her debut in the world of writing with the book ‘Watson and Alice’. She has set writing at a different level; it’s quite amazing to see a girl of her age improve this much in the gap of just two books. She has done a great job she has set the standards high. She has successfully produced quality literary fiction.

I had my hands on this book and I will offer my insights on the same. The quality of this book, in terms of being a book, is good! The cover of the book is attractive, the book has a cream-paper colour which gives a comfortable read. ‘Journey to Atlantis’ by Aakansha Borthakur offers friendship, romance, comedy and action in just 90 pages. What else could you want from the author?

‘Journey to Atlantis’ by Aakansha Borthakur is about a group of kids, called the Perfect Bondage, the story begins as they go for an excursion to Alaska Woods. But they lose their path and end up in the island of Lucaris, and in a quest to go back they discover the lost city of Atlantis. They come across multiple obstacles; giant bees, creatures like monsters and more as they explore the mysterious and hidden city of Atlantis. I have to applaud the author because she has kept the story interesting and maintained it to the final page of the book, kudos to her. Talking about the villain, Carel the Wicked, he wants to take control and rule the whole city of Atlantis. BUT WHY? How our heroes end up fighting him? How are they going to return to their world? Yes, all this suspense and action in just 90 pages.

The book has something or everything and it is certainly a striking piece of fiction which will keep you involved in its adventure as you read it. She hasn’t rushed while telling the story, the way she has connected the characters is truly worth praising, having so many characters sometimes it’s difficult to keep them relevant but she did a perfect job here. In short, guys, if you are looking for a decent 1-day read, you will surely love reading Journey to Atlantis by Aakansha Borthakur.

My Ratings: A reader-friendly fiction with standards very high, an excellent read for the kids of the age group 10–15. I will complete my review by giving 4 out of 5 stars. It’s available all over the world, what are you waiting for grab your copies now.


Author Name:  Ms Aakansha Borthakur 
Book Title: Journey To Atlantis
Publisher: Educreation Publishing (30 October 2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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