BLURB: All the time she hoped and dreamt of a better tomorrow in her life in a span of six years. Her experiences are both good and bad; the man, the mind and the moral … where, repeatedly she failed, woke up and then moved on. Paayesha, solely grows with the time, experiences multiple affairs, extensively pulling out her inner persona to face the reality, and finally, she leads by conquering her insight while finding the literal tranquillity, and reflects a moral … ‘Accept what it comes and dare to face, not always that comes what we expect’. Even, she went deep through the life to realize, ‘the time, the reality and the present are the factual ingredients for the life, rest everything virtual, an unseen mirage …!’ She realized four men in a span of five years. While in the search of the fifth man on her sixth year, what she expects, and finally accepts …? Is that a fortuitous Paayesha finally impounded felicitously? It would be a favourite stuff in a single gulp, for anyone, whoever had experienced a breakup at least once in a lifetime.

MY OPINION: Let’s first start with the cover. So, it’s a good one but it could have been better since it is blurry and it does not portray breakup. The title is long but apt. The tagline helps the readers to predict the story. The plot is unique but the characters are not that well developed. The story is fast paced and the reader doesn’t get bored.

The ending was abrupt and could have been better. The language is lucid, thus making it a good romance fiction choice for beginners. But yes, typing error is something that needs to be worked on. What I personally liked the most is the poetries and quotes printed throughout the book. Overall, it’s a nice and light read and one shall go for it without a second thought.

I think this speaks about a daring topic, I mean not all are openly acceptive to people getting into relationships easily, especially when it’s a woman, sometimes they are to be bored to keep up with the image in the society, nobody wishes loose face easily or get labelled …. In that regard, it’s a pretty good read and I would like to be appreciative of that. It could have been portrayed a bit more in-depth, I mean if the men’s share of the story to be opened up a bit more could have helped with the growth of the story. Overall it’s an interesting read, happy to recommend it to all.


Author Name: Biswajit Mishra
Book Title: An Unmatched Couple’s Misfit Relationship
Publisher: B K Publications Private Limited; First Edition (2019)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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