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Soudia Parveen: A heartfelt congratulation on the publication of your book “Welcome To Second Spring”. What have been the responses towards the book till now?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: Before I launched my book ‘Welcome To Second Spring’, I took views from many of my known personnel. They appreciate me choosing this topic that is usually not very openly discuss.

This book was launched three months before and is now available on different retail online platforms. So far, my book is getting both national and international readers’ attention. Along with women readers, many male readers also appreciate my work and provide positive feedback. I am overwhelmed that the information in my book actually adds value to the reader’s life.

Soudia Parveen: You have taken a great step in writing such a book to guide one’s life! What really inspired you to do so and how has been the outcome?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: I personally want to look beautiful, graceful, and mature with age, rather than being an age-defying beauty. Menopause is a serious concern, which was always there, but no one ever discussed it. Writing this book is my way of giving a positive direction to emotional conundrums often women felt about their ethereal beauty. After I started researching this topic, I felt I should pen down my thoughts and acquire knowledge to help other women. And then I started writing ‘Welcome To Second Spring’, my second book.

Soudia Parveen: Was it difficult or easy to frame and conceptualize the minute details of menopause and its outcome? How did you manage to put the critical key concepts in a story format?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: I am passionate about writing and my objective is to add value to the lifestyle of my readers. My academic background and experiences reinforce the information included in this book. Apart from this, I am doing lots of desk research to know the current trend of managing skin health, hair quality, and mental health support system to give an evidential backing.

The story cannot be created, it just tells real experiences. I believe any experienced person is a good storyteller. I love to listen to people, their concerns, and views on life; those give me enough food for thoughts. The characters in these stories are purely fictitious. However, the stories are very close to me as they are based on the personal experiences I acquired from my clients, friends, and family members.

Soudia Parveen: The book is all about a woman’s struggle during and after menopause, what would you like to tell the women about to boost their living?

 Dr. Nita Sharma Das: I have a strong belief in the concept of removing the cause of the disease rather than treating symptoms. ‘Welcome To Second Spring’ is a new hope for menopausal women which describes unpausing your beauty in and around menopause. I personally feel beauty care at this age is a remedy for liveliness.

Soudia Parveen: For the reader it will be very helpful to develop a better perception and make fruitful decisions in accordance to mend a better life after menopause. What more do you want to add up to in this context?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das:  I have written this book with a singular motto that my readers may realize, maturity adds two essential Ws in a woman’s life, i.e., growing wiser and getting wrinkles. Both provide an equal level of liveliness and attractiveness to life. “WELCOME TO SECOND SPRING” actually informs the readers to live care-free which itself will make you look and feel beautiful.

Siudoudia Parveen: Does this problem vary from one woman to another? If yes, how would you describe it? What do you think? Is menopause a vital factor causing stress and anxiety?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: Not all women undergo similar kinds of problems during the menopausal transition. Even the age of menopause is different for different women. In some cases, we cannot stop our physical changes with the increasing age. Advanced beauty and skincare techniques make us beautiful. In fact, I personally feel that proper mental health management helps one to enjoy life fullest even when bald with shrunken skin, and prominent wrinkle lines all over our faces, and bodies.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues start at the peri-menopausal age and continue even after the post-menopausal stage. Self-care is essential at this age, which can only be possible when we meet others who are facing a similar issue in their lives. Social connections are essential to avoid stress, loneliness, and associated anxiety and depression.

Dr. Nita Sharma Das

Dr. Nita Sharma Das is currently working as a freelance content writer/ medical writer with more than 10 years experience in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical arena blended with professional experience in Healthcare Industry and Academic Institutes in India. She writes for both print and electronic media. With many years of academic experience and Hospital management experience, Nita can help you define and manage your project, as well as research and produce the content. Nita is based in the Delhi NCR area of India.

Specialties: Specialties include: medical articles, ghost writing, e-books, publication works, monographs, executive summaries, patient education, sales training, etc.

Soudia Parveen: How would you provide meaning to the perception of every woman who looks within themselves in an inferior position during this period? How must life be mended by oneself?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: Our approach towards our external appearance with increasing age and maturity needs to change. At a point in time, age-related changes in our facial appearance cannot be avoided. However, all of us will agree that even wisdom and accomplishments come along with getting older. Aging spots, and facial lines, reflect the challenges, and joys that we experience in life. No one has perfect look at this age. Our overall personality and way of interacting with others at this age actually reflect our image, which lasts long on the social network. It is time to work on our internal beauty instead of concentrating our efforts to change our external appearance. We can only see our inner beauty by enriching our mental health. We can easily live a younger life irrespective of our age by adopting a healthy lifestyle mentioned in ‘Welcome To Second Spring’.

Soudia Parveen: What kind of strategy do you personally suggest to the beings, especially for those who feel like quitting and underestimating their inner self after being unable to cope with such a cease to their natural bodily function?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: From my varied experience, I have observed that counseling works amazingly with increasing age. You become more receptive to counseling than you were perhaps, ten years ago. Feel free to opt for counseling sessions to deal with mental stress. I love to support every reader in their beauty journey. I will give one hour of free consultation to my readers as it is mentioned in the book.

Soudia Parveen: In conclusion to the book, what message do you want to leave for the reader as well as the budding writers? In the future, will you come up with more such books, containing relevant knowledge?

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: I relate human life with nature and the changes we go through in our life are relatable to seasonal changes.  The seasons impact our thoughts and our lifestyle. If we follow the seasonal calendar, then spring comes after winter. Spring brings new hope and happiness after a cold, low climatic condition.

We face so many challenges as a woman. We need to establish ourselves socially, in family, and of course in our profession. After 40, almost everyone gets a settled life. But during this phase, the menopausal journey starts, and this brings some new troubles and worries as we start thinking of it as a ‘gate that opens to aging’.

Now, what if I tell you to think of it as a process that can take a woman back to her age of ten years? The time when she was free from worrying about painful periods, cramps, and even the tension of getting pregnant? It’s FREEDOM and I would say to take this PAUSE through PAUSITIVITY as in ‘positive thinking. I just add one sentence for budding writers follow your passion with the right mindset. In the future, I will definitely write another book, but nothing outlined yet but surely it will be health-related as that is my forte.

Soudia Parveen: I value and respect your opinion so far and I really appreciate your words and am very thankful to you for sparing your precious time in sharing your humble words.More power to your pen. All the best.

Dr. Nita Sharma Das: Last but not the list, I share a positive note to all my readers and followers that do not waste your free time. Utilize the time by preparing yourself for self-care because this is the right time to think about your health. Gaining knowledge makes you aware of different facets of life. Reading a book is a stress buster for many people. Book reading is a way to self-entertaining and makes you knowledgeable. When you read a book, you can visualize it. You can interpret the author’s storytelling in your own way, which can change your life by influencing your mind and thought process. Continuous book reading on the same subject gives a long-lasting mental impact. Therefore, I recommend reading a book regularly to motivate one to lead a healthy life.

Title: Welcome To Second Spring

Author: Dr. Nita Sharma Das

Interviewer: Soudia Parveen

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