Note: All the answers where the author talks about victory and deceit are not related to the book.

Interviewer: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” and “Reflections.” How do you feel about it?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: Truly truly humbled. As I look further, the books are being finally released and I am in deep introspection if I did justice with my pen. If I could have added more and a lot of the “If” quotient is what I feel I stand with, adding to my thoughts and words for my next. The release is for me a platform for the launch of my next spill of the ink.

Interviewer: Your book, “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani,” is a product of the work of real-life situations and circumstances. What led to the idea of writing “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani”? Were there any events that inspired the work?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: Life as lived by me and many more like me inspired me to write. The forgotten soldier in me and many like me irrespective the gender or the uniform inspired me to pen down. Wrong people being highlighted on platforms and silent submissions going unseen, and unacknowledged inspired me to write. Nepotism to the extent of stealing thunder from those who are watching and continue to submit with humility inspired me to write.

Interviewer: How easy or difficult was it for you to write “Reflections” where you were reflective and pensive? How did you balance both viewpoints without one overlapping the other?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: Reality hurts and agony becomes a question from self to the Divine, to the Universe. Deciet is my friend refusing to leave my hand. My pen in one way asks questions that bother me every time I meet deceit (which is more often than can be kept a track of) to the Divine, to the universe through unanswered.

It was a lot of reflecting I did, a lot of changing the angle of my perceptions I did and thus managing what I serve to my readers embedded with words.

Interviewer: “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” is an interesting title based on the content of the book. How did you come up with this title? Did you have any alternative titles in mind?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: From the very first moment, I knew the title will be “kuch lafzon”… isint this the truth also. We may write biographies, and make biopics, but essentially the truth is kuch lafz jo mujhe Bayan Kar dete hain.

Interviewer: “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” has a mixture of Hindi and English at different junctures where they infuse together at times in the text. What led to the creation of the content with this amalgamation?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: No strategy for the amalgamation.  It was the soul which felt and the mind worded the same. And the soul has no language. I am much grateful to my publishers for rendering with patience to the tedious work of editing my book without tempering the soul’s voice. The readers will come across some grammatical errors in the language but as they read with glasses of the soul,  the errors will feel like rhythm.

Dr. Ritu Sharma
Born to the Uniform, wedded to the Uniform, nurtured, and bred into being who she is by the Uniform. A graduate from DU, with a master’s in Economics and an MBA in HR and Marketing. Been working in various verticals in the market as a consultant, counselor, therapist, and Corporate trainer for 25 years. The verticals including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, and Health Care. A classical dancer, an avid blogger. Successfully completed the second doctorate in Mind-Body Psychological Connect in 2019, the first doctorate was in Sustainable Development. Lost her son 20 years back, blessed with a daughter late in marriage, Sharvi Deepak Sharma. She draws all her strength from her losses.

Interviewer: Would it be appropriate to call “Reflections” a sequel to “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani? Or how else would you relate them?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: It is a sequel. Zindagani is forever, not over till it is not over. The Angles of the presentations of my kuch lafz may change.

Interviewer: “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” and “Reflections” have given a powerful introduction to your potential as a writer. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.

Dr. Ritu Sharma: I have started working on my 3rd book. Please forgive me if I sound overconfident because what these books will fetch me is something I don’t know. But my ink isn’t too dry, I have a lot burning deep within which I am sanguine most will relate with. I don’t know the title but the book has started its journey.

Interviewer: While deciding the framework for “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” and “Reflections,” what were the writing ideas you had in mind? Did you have any other framework ideas in mind?

Dr. Ritu Sharma:

Reality  Bites

Easier Said Then Done

Mujhe Pata Hai Aur Mujhe Atta Hai, The Thin Line

Deceit, My Faithful Friend

Agony Of The Soul And Not The Materialistic Agony

Victory Remains A 7 Letter Word For Me

And my pen shall thus keep spilling.

Interviewer: In “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” and “Reflections,” you have tried to give a voice to the unheard so far? What could be the probable reason for women like you being silent all along?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: There is a difference between silence and being the edifice with submission. Women like me are not silent, silence cannot give us the strength to be the edifice with submission.

Interviewer: If you were to describe your books “Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani” and “Reflections” in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be?

Dr. Ritu Sharma: Don’t speak on TEDx and various platforms when the journey is over and victory is yours, instead speak when the journey is midway with no clarity of defeat or victory. Why speak of how victory was achieved, why not highlight how well the game was played and continues to be. It is never over till it is not over.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books from you in the future. All the best.

Dr. Ritu Sharma: Much humbled for this platform.

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