About Author: Anmol Batra is a Data Analyst by the day, an artist and author by night. As a child, Anmol has always been fascinated by the concept of Time Travel & Life after death. This is his first book and an attempt to draw a new concept merging Time, Soul and parallel universe. Anmol studied Computer Science Engineering from Panjab University. Ever since his college days he has spent most of his time imagining things that can shape the world someday.

Interview: Many congratulations on your book ‘ Time Guard – The Awakening ‘. Can you share your experience with us how is the reception of the book?

Anmol Batra: First book from just another common man, so the reception is slow as I expected but I am happy how time travel enthusiasts have responded to the book.

Interview: After reading our book it is almost apparent that your interest in sci-fi is fiction is more. Why did you choose this genre?

Anmol Batra: My end objective is to convince a Movie Producer to shape it into a movie. Sci-Fi is a genre wherein we have very less content in Bollywood and success of marvel universe in India clearly proves the strong inclination of Indian youth towards it. Also, on a personal front, I am deeply interested in unproven scientific concepts so writing time guard was more fun than just a long list of tasks for me.

Interview: Apart from the main plot of the story, there are subplots also. Which part of the story is your favorite?

Anmol Batra:  My personal favorite is Chapter 5 which is a small summary of Arjun’s(Protagonist) birth wherein he describes how he attained the ability to Astral Project. It took me hours to write and rewrite because it lays the foundation for the ‘Time Guard II –Reborn’

Interview: Did you find any difficulty in mixing and matching various characters and their own back stories with the available subplots?

Anmol Batra: Several Times! Every character is unique has its own boundaries of Intelligence, ethics, pragmatic approach, beliefs. I often ended up rewriting actions, lines and descriptions whenever I found them not suited for to a character’s persona.

Interview: Did you use any story boarding or mapping processes to develop your plots and interactions, was it all just by following the instincts?

Anmol Batra: I started with a nodal map of the whole story. Then subplots as parallel stories. My approach was more of an application programmers approach to build a software where you create a holistic design and dig deeper on later stage, because of which I never wrote chapters in sequence. I think it worked well. My objective was to keep ever event logical and realistic as possible. So far I have not come across anyone pointing irrational actions or events in story.

Interview: The climax of the story seems to be abruptly ended indicating a sequel. Can you give the readers an insight of this?

Anmol Batra: The story ends with Hirath(the main anti-protagonist) revealing himself to Howrang(a protagonist). The scene also emphasis on the fact that both the protagonists were always under the radar of Hirath from the quiet long. The sequel to this which is ‘Time Guard III- Guardian of the afterlife’ will begin from this event only and will also put forward the anti-protagonist’s side and why he finds it right to enslave humanity at the first place.

Interview: The topics of Astral projection and wielding the time are very interesting. How confident were you that the readers will embrace these intense topics.

Anmol Batra: These topics have niche fan following but those who understand have strong admiration for that. As literacy grows further I am sure there will be more thinkers and admirers of this topic.

Interview: How did you plan to create the characters Zaffar and Arjun and what primary details did you look in for the contrast?

Anmol Batra: I started with defining the traits of a super hero. Arjun, the main hero, is ethical, philanthropic, dedicated to a higher objective and true at heart with a strong urge to stand by what is right. Given these personality traits he lies time and again but with a genuine objective to do greater good.

Zaffar I defined as a prodigy who suffered in the hands of fate which further brought him on the path of wrong deeds. He is strong, aggressive, ruthless and used a pawn by someone far more evil than him. 

Interview: What is the best book you have read in the year 2019 and why?

Anmol Batra: “How to Win Friends and Influence People?” by Dale Carnegie. Though old the book teaches a lot about human behavior something that I believe one can use in personal life as well as for writing characters.

Interview: on a closing note, A very happy new year. Few words to your readers

Anmol Batra: When reading Time Guard, please do pay attention to highlighted Time and Place mentions. You will find the story more meaningful and rational if you keep them in mind. 

Secondly, please maintain your hobby or habit of reading. It comes with success in professional as well as personal life and makes you a wise man everyday.

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