Now, if you are an Author, then becoming a ‘Best-Seller’ must be an aim running in your mind and somewhere in your mind, you might always be planning and dreaming for the same. Be it an Indie Author or a Traditionally Published one, every Author aspires to become a Best-Seller, otherwise what’s the point of working so hard and creating a manuscript and revising it countless time to make it a flawless one, to get the love of the readers!

Well, if you will talk to people about your plan of making your book a ‘Best-Sellerthen two things can happen, either they will tell you that you are no Chetan Bhagat and it’s not easy for you, which can be deeply discouraging to you. Alternatively, they will tell you to hire a Publicist, which actually is many times more costly than the publishing itself. Therefore, it’s better to keep away from negative minds and the down pullers in order to focus towards your ultimate target. Since, there are many examples, who had proved that even in a fixed budget, which isn’t very high, one can make his or her book a ‘Best-Seller’ for ages.

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However, you need to remember that it’s not that easy to make your book a Best-Seller if you’re not willing to spend a lot on it’s publicity. So, each and every point discussed here needs to be followed strictly with discipline in order to obtain the dream result.

Points to be noted in order to make your next release a ‘Best-Seller’

1) Grow yourself on Social Media: Nowadays, every small and big announcements are made on social media and the social media is playing a very pivotal role in making or breaking things. So, make sure to grow yourself on Social Media, and then you can request your audience to buy your book.

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2) Request the Readers for Reviews: Product reviews plays a very vital role in convincing the potential customers into buying a particular product. Therefore, it is very important for you to request your readers to write a Review for your book, especially on Amazon & Goodreads. Also, even when the reader isn’t buying a book and is getting your book from you or somewhere else then also request them to Review your book on the online platforms!

3) Start the Book Promotional activities soon: Well, if you will launch the book promotional activities like Giveaway of Author Signed Copies or Exclusive Chat with the Author on Instagram Live, soon after the release of your book! Then it is more likely that your book will catch the attention of the mass and more books will be sold. So, make sure to launch your promotional plans in the beginning, rather than waiting for the buzz to die and the book to get old.

4) Paid Promotion on Social Media: You might have seen a “Promoted Post” with hundreds and thousands of likes and engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on LinkedIn nowadays. Well, that’s the power of a Promoted Post on Social Media, you can reach to people who have similar interests like yours and get can easily find out about your book. Moreover, paid promotion on any social media platform is a very economical process and not at all costly, this can easily fit into your low budget plan.

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5) Make tie-ups with Influencers: This is not just the most essential point but also the most effective point to make your book a Best-Seller in a limited budget. You need to have a tie-up with a Social Media Influencer on at least one particular social media platform. Nowadays, Instagram is on top but it’s not necessary that you need to know any Instagram Influencer, you can generate your connection with someone on YouTube also, who might be having a great number of YouTube Subscribers. Promotion of your book by just a ‘Shout Out’ on a social media platform can do things for you, which are even beyond your imagination!

As an Author, there are certain things that you need to learn and understand as soon as possible. Well, book production and book marketing isn’t free however, these expenses don’t have to be a complete loss. Marketing with the right tactics has the potential to catapult your book into the realm of the big players, but only so long as you measure results and keep track of how much you are earning in relation to your expenses. Many successful authors are only successful because they have learned how to grow their fan bases and market their books correctly.

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Budgeting requires strategy. There is no clear-cut outline for how much you should spend on certain aspects of a launch. One Author might spend ‘Rs. XYZ’ in building a website, while another might spend ‘5 times of Rs. XYZ’ for same. Therefore, the key is to use your resources wisely so that you attain maximum output for your input.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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