Ishita Banik, one of the most-discussed Indian writers in the romance and thriller genre, made a decision three years back- going for her dreams. And since then, there was no looking back.
Her debut novel ‘If We Last‘, a romance thriller and dark mystery, brought her into the spotlight. ‘I left my higher studies while writing this novel. And I am glad that I took such a decision despite all the insecurities I had to face at that time,’ Ishita Says. In her interview with us, she shares what inspired her the most, her dreams and upcoming books.

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What do you think is the Most Important to Become a Successful Author?
I strongly believe in working hard and being smart. There is no other way to get what you want. Also, success often doesn’t come easily, and patience is very important in that. Being an author is not an overnight thing either. You need patience and most importantly, you must learn from each of your failures instead of being demotivated!

What are the Most Important to Make a Book Best-seller?
Good content is a must-have and then comes marketing. Also, uniqueness. I believe, if your story is unique, it is bound to grab the attention.

How did You Promote your Books?
After publishing my first book, I started sharing the quotes, book-trailer, etc. on social media. Definitely, I utilize it fully while promoting my book. But at the same time, there are challenges, as so many things are being promoted there. You need to create your own strategies to reach out to the audience.

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Can you Share Something about your Novels?
My debut novel If We Last is a romance thriller. The characters and what happens with them are realistic yet something rare to guess. The plot starts as a romantic story but soon it takes a turn towards some dark, unpredictable paths. There are a lot of twists and turns along with inspiring messages. ‘Till We Last’ and ‘As We Last’ are the other two parts. ‘The City of Tunes’ is again a mystery and romance. ‘One and a Half Moon‘ is my poetry collection.

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Any words for the Budding Authors?
Go for your dreams and believe that you are on the right path.

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