Since earlier times, adults, as well as children, get fascinated by the tales of the unknown, myths, or the realms they have not visited. Due to the imaginative elements, such stories invoke the interest of perhaps all kinds of readers and listeners right from the beginning.  One such story that has the potential to reach out to as many readers is Gagan Saini’s “Ellie and Orin Prophecy.” Saini’s work, right from the beginning, carries the air of suspense and mystery. The beauty of the book is that despite the author shares every possible detail, there remains something unsaid. The readers can sense it very well which leads to a rise in their curiosity levels keeping them in the grip of the story until the very last words. Other than this, well-developed, realistic characters with situations and stories close to life trigger the interest of the readers in no time.

“Ellie and Orin Prophecy” features all the ingredients to create an exciting mixture for the readers and give them a thrilling experience as they read through the book. For once, the text may seem a little long, but the manner of narration and the series of events is enough for any reader to overlook is this fact. There is the mention of fairies, fairyland, the reach of fairies in the human world and their interaction, the good and the evil powers, etc. All this is more than enough to make the book a package deal for children and adolescents and a thing of attraction for grown-up readers.

Stories with fairies and mythical characters like unicorns have always been a strong attraction among storytellers and listeners. Saini’s book has an amalgamation of all elements and what gives uniqueness to the story is the manner in which he narrates it to the readers. He takes the construction of the plot in a linear fashion and keeps the protagonist in highlight. In the initial stages, he keeps the action quite close to earth and life on earth, and as the plot progresses, he gives small twists to transfer the readers to the lands which have not been visited by anyone so far. Among all this, the young protagonist, Ellie, lives through in her human form, and as time and situation call for it, destiny makes her face her real self at the right time.

“Ellie and Orin Prophecy” has the potential to keep the readers in the hold of the book as they read through and the carefully planned sequence of events does the rest of the work. Even though the readers may attempt guessing how things would unfold yet, the author surprises them every time. This is one of the few things that remains the charm of the book until the end.

Apart from this, the author also talks about other issues that the readers can only decipher when they read between the lines. The manner in which he narrates the incidents in Ellie’s school makes her situation relatable for the readers. The biased and more or less corrupt system and its innocent victims find explicit mention in the story. He even hints about how these incidents can affect young minds and scar them for life. All this is mentioned briefly, it is enough for the readers to understand what the author is hinting towards. The undying faith of Ellie’s grandmother in her grandchildren is also a thing of beauty in the text. The grandmother is an epitome of strength, courage, bravery, and positivity, who has unshakeable faith, which instills confidence in her grandchildren. The attitude of the grandmother gives a strong message to the older readers of having faith in their children in whatever they do and encourage them to get better.

Saini takes his raw material from the stories everyone may have heard or read about at some point of time. But he gives it a modern look by placing it in the contemporary present-day world, which makes it more closely relatable for many. All readers, young and old, can try reading “Ellie and Orin Prophecy” not just for its carefully packed events but also a simple language and well cut out lively characters. The plot progress is also well-paced, and the readers do not lose track of any circumstances. It would also be advisable to read the book with concentration as some earlier events find small references in the latter part of the book. Parents who want to encourage their children and develop their interest in reading can also find this book as a recommendation. Or, they could find this book a potential reading like a bedtime story. Overall, it can be said that Saini’s work is remarkable in its creativity and has all qualities to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the readers long after they have finished reading the book.

Author: Gagan Saini
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
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Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha  at Criticspace Journals

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