Author Hemant Rana’s debut in the world of Hindi fiction writing has been tremendous because he has been received warmly into the fraternity of the writers and also the readers have shown a great response to his book ‘Ek Aur Taj’. This is a novel which mainly features two teenage characters and their uncertain love story. Readers can easily guess that the main lead is just the character which might have inspired the author, Hemant Rana in this case, to weave the fiction called Ek Aur Taj.

The Theme: Major theme in the novel is of love, friendship and separation. The author has based this love story featuring two important characters who are Hitesh and Ragini. They had similar characters like habit as well as thinking. Initially, they started the relationship considering it as just a flirt or time pass. By the time, they realised that they truly love each other but when they felt it, it was too late. Ragini confesses her true love with Hitesh on the last day of their college life. For Hitesh, his family and his society do not support inter-caste marriage and he did not reply to her proposal but somewhere he also loved her. Soon after that their life completely changed. The story jumps 17 years later, and the author has shown beautifully their love again. It was just a long-distance love since they had their own barriers and commitment.

Narrative: The narrative has been kept in the third person. The author has made the central character responsible and he has narrated the story and we get to know about the events as we feel like the author saw it. Sometimes, the key points in the novel will be understood by the readers if they try to think what the other character might be thinking. The narrative part is okay. Better than the plot. Between the story and the plot, narrative mediates fairly.

Talking about the critical aspects, Hemant Rana, in his book, impresses the readers as well as critical readers like me. And I think many others will be impressed, for sure. He has tried to distinguish between love and friendship and he has also talked almost about marriage life, social issues etc. Moreover, the novel has been written in the Hindi language which is moderate and also an amalgam of English phrases at times which let us know that the book is meant for the modern content.

The novel is plain, simple, cute and sweet. The novel is a romance which rarely finds in fiction books these days. Hemant’s work is a class apart and a fiction which can be seen somewhere near the early 20s novels. Another important thing about the novel is that it will never disappoint you! You will get what you want in terms of poetic justice.

In this beautiful love story, there is nothing to offer to the readers who look for sensual love and provocative dialogues. Ek Aur Taj by Hemant Rana has everything which we call true love and the play for fate. The end of the story is unpredictable for the readers, which keeps the readers turning the pages in excitement to know what happens next. What will happen to their love? Will they be together again? Or, will they keep their love inside their hearts only? Well, I will not spoil the reading pleasure which you can get by reading the novel Ek Aur Taj by Hemant Rana. Go ahead and have a read! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle etc.


Author Name: Hemant Rana
Book Title: Ek Aur Taj
Publisher: Redgrab books; First edition (31 July 2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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