We come across many young authors who write books but most of the time we find that it’s a poetry or short storybook. Recently my friend gifted a copy of the book ‘Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune’ which is fantasy novel. I was amazed after knowing that this novel is written by an author Akshara Gupta, a 13-year-old girl from Mumbai. Trust me, you will never feel that this is written by a novice. She has done a fabulous job with her debut book. The way she has connected the characters and the stories is truly worth praising and she stays true to title as well.

The mixture of fantasy and drama is based on two main characters, Alison and Juliana. They both came across to another two characters of the novel Stacey and Stevie through a book. The book was locked and it had no key to open. Alison seeks Juliana’s help to open it. It was like a big puzzle for them. Another character comes into the play and then all changes suddenly. He gave them a locket with a specific purpose, but by the time, they both were finding themselves in more difficulty than ever.

Fantasy drama, unlocking puzzle, time travel! The author combined all these pieces of stuff in 124 pages beautifully. What else could you want from the author? While she is speaking her mind in her wonderful book, she is speaking for us all! I am resembling her thoughts and I am enjoying reading the book and I hope all of you will do …. Friends, I will advise you all reading this book because this is not only a perfect one-time read but similar to a sci-fi fantasy novel, which could be enjoyed time to time when you are doing nothing and sitting alone.


Author Name: Akshara Gupta
Book Title: Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (15 November 2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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