Secrets! Murder! Love! Cheating! A novel, combining all these thrills in 222 pages. I am back having a gift for you. Just completed reading a thrilling novel ‘Deadliest Secret of Truth’, it is a prequel trilogy series by Arjun Kacepr. While reading the novel you will find yourself in the USA because Arjun has presented the background and all the characters at his best. Moving around the characters Jasper, Asher, Jim and Miguel, the story starts with a strong event by Jim Thomas and the secret of this event has kept until the end of the novel. The characters of Miguel come into existence with a message of Mark Collin’s murder case.

This suddenly changes all the situations going on in Jim Thomas’ company and the Thomas family. In the meantime, readers will find an unconditional love story of Jasper and Sara. They were in deep love and were planning to get married soon. Unfortunately, their lives change drastically in a negative way after the introduction of Larry and Melissa. Jasper was charged for the murder of Miguel and his life becomes inextricable being something like imprisoned. Asher, the younger brother of Jaspe, started trying to find the secret ‘Who has killed Miguel?’ but he failed to unfold the puzzle as so many things were involved in this case which appears at the end.

I just love the cover page of the book. It showcases the story behind the book. As a debutant writer, Arjun has tried to give his best to give each and every character a strong presence. The disorderly motifs of Rob the inspector for this case and true love of Sara hold the reader to keep reading the novel. There comes another love story of Cassandra and Asher, giving a pace to the story. There is LOVE, there is LUST and these are well defined by the characters holding these characteristics. The lust of hellish inspector Rob destroys the life of a poor girl, also destroys the hope of that girl getting his true love out of jail, and she ultimately dies by committing suicide. Finally, Mellisa, the cousin of Jasper, unfolds the secrets at the end to get Jasper out of prison. Surely I am not going to unfold that secret in this blog. You will have to discover it by yourself. I truly enjoyed the complete book throughout. 

Since it’s a prequel trilogy series, I am eagerly waiting for Arjun Kacper’s next. He has promised to deliver another part of this novel. Maybe we will get that in 2017 itself or surely in 2018 Enjoy Reading! I will get back with another review so. The book has been released worldwide and you can get a copy of the same using the link


Author Name: Arjun Kacper
Book Title: Deadliest Secret Of Truth
Publisher: Educreation Publishing (30 December 2016)
Review By: Criticspace Journals