So the question arises is that ‘Why We Need to Read This Book?’ We all know about who Sita is and what is the story of Sita? Okay, let’s discuss what we know about her? We know Sita as the daughter of King Janak. We know Sita as a Rama’s wife; we know her as the princess of Mithila and the queen of Ayodhya. We know about Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana. We knew a pure Sita who was rejected by her husband because of Ravana. No, this time, it is the story of Sita’s origin. How an adopted girl became a warrior of Mithila? How a girl becomes a prime minister of Mithila? It is the journey of Sita as a strong woman. It is the second book of Rama Chandra series written by Amish Tripathi—a best seller mythological fiction author. Janak, king of Mithila, and his wife Sunaina found a girl child whom they protected by the vultures. They adopted her and named her Sita. When Sita was young, she went to Ashram. After some times, when Sita turned 14 years, Vishwamitra elected her as the seventh Vishnu but asked to keep it secret. Sita also became a Prime minister of Mithila and had the responsibility of Mithila.

It’s the same story as Ramayan but with extra attention and actually full attention on Sita’s life. This is a story of a strong and beautiful woman who has a strong will power and how she deals with Ravana when she was kidnapped. How she deals with the situation when her husband rejected her because of Ravana?

This novel is a complete feminist-based novel; I really enjoy reading, it’s inspiring and strong woman character novel. I hope, after this review, all Indian girl and women will definitely read this because they will get much learning from this story. It improves a way of thinking about women.

The work by Amish Tripathi is much appreciated. It’s extremely difficult to portray the strong side of a character who was well known by everyone as the one who was full of pain. Enjoy reading!


Author Name: Amish Tripathi
Book Title: Sita Warrior Of Mithila
Publisher: Westland (29 May 2017)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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