The paperback version of book ‘Done with Her’ by the author Chirasree Bose has been released worldwide and now it is reaching to many readers and reviewers like me. The book has created a very good buzz among the readers and I got to know it from social media. Luckily, I also got a chance to have a review copy from the author’s side. I was pleased to hold the book as the cover, and overall look and feel of the book were just amazing. Firstly, I read the content written on the back cover as I usually do and I got to know a glimpse of the story. I was excited to read and started on the same day. So let’s start the review!

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Theme: Done with her’ is a novel full of suspense and thrill. The complete story revolves around the main characters Spreeha, Dheeraj, Avesh and Vrijen. It’s a quick-read novel having 98 pages but the author has perfectly managed to keep so many things in those pages which can easily keep the reader turning the pages. There is love, there is lust, there is murder and the author has kept the dark secret till the end of the novel.

This book can be expected as an easy read which will mostly appeal to beginner-level readers as well as regular readers as well. The story by Chirasree Bose talks about the many shades of love & friendship – from jealousy to possessiveness, from passion to intense hatred, from loyalty to betrayal. The story has many twists and turns which you will surely enjoy throughout the book. At the end of the book, the author has given a very good message to the society, especially woman.

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Who can read? Since the book makes use of a language that is easy to understand, it can be picked up beginner-level readers. Regular readers or voracious readers can also go for it if they like a fast read.

Narrative: The story is well conceptualized in the sense that the plot makes good sense in most cases. The execution matches up to the expectations of the reader. The author has used third-person narration in the story which I personally like the most in storytelling. The author has that storytelling technique which can attract any reader to keep reading her words.

What I liked? The language is simple and so the narrative style. It can be enjoyed within a few hours which makes it a perfect read. So mostly because of this reason, the book turned out to be a thrilling read.

The Author of the Book: Being an indoor person, Chirasree loves to read, write, and paint. If she’s not doing either of the three, you’d find her observing people and reading into their emotions. That’s where she gets her story ideas from. With her debut novel ‘Done With Her …’ she intends to ignite diverse emotions in the readers’ minds. She believes in making a difference in her writing. This novel is her baby step towards that goal. 

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My Review: Overall, I will give 4.5/5 stars for ‘Done With Her’ by Chirasree Bose. You can surely go for it if you are looking for a quick read and suspense novel. The book is receiving a very good response from the readers and reviewers so you need not think much before ordering it. I have given Amazon link at the end of my review. You can order the paperback or Kindle version from here. Happy Reading, friends!


Author Name: Chirasree Bose
Book Title: Done With Her
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing, 2019
Pages: 101
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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