Criticspace: Welcome to Criticspace Journals, Chirasree. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the release of your book. How does it feel for an author to hold his/ her copy of the debut book?

Chirasree Bose: It’s amazing – something that I cannot express in words. It had always been a dream for me. Hence, it was a dream come true moment for me. 

Criticspace: The book was already published as Kindle format, how did you decide about to publish in paperback version?

Chirasree Bose: I was immensely happy with the response that the kindle version received. Many readers messaged me asking to have the paperback version out because they loved the story. So I decided to give it a shot. I am happy that I did so. 

Criticspace: How did you decide about the title of this book, Done With Her? Please explain.

Chirasree Bose: It came to me while I was writing one of the lines. This was the first ever title that occured to me. And, I was so happy and satisfied with it that I didn’t think of any other. It is apt for the storyline, I believe. 

Criticspace:  When you actually started writing? Was it your childhood hobby or you recently started? Please tell us your writing career so far.

Chirasree Bose: I started writing 3 years back. It happened to me like a sweet coincidence. But, yes, I did write some frivolous stuff when I was small. However, I was not really serious about it back then. Now it’s my passion and dream. 

Criticspace: So far you have been receiving good response from the readers. How does it feel to you that your debut book is doing well among the readers?

Chirasree Bose: I am extremely happy. I feel blessed for getting so much love from the readers. However, I believe I must continue offering such good stories, in fact better ones, to the reading community. 

Criticspace: What are your views on novel writings in India? It has become favorite genre of readers and they are loving it. How do you see the future of the novel in India?

Chirasree Bose: Novel writing is getting famous with time in India. That’s indeed good. However, I feel that writers do not get as much acknowledgement as one should get for their hard work. I hope that improves as well. 

Criticspace: As a reader, which type of books you like. Tell us something about your interest areas in literature.

Chirasree Bose: I like thrillers. I think that’s pretty evident from my debut work. However, I also enjoy reading satires. 

Criticspace: Who is your favorite character from the book “Done With Her”. Tell us something about it.

Chirasree Bose: I like Spreeha. She’s bold, confident, strong, and fierce. In fact this character came to me a lot before the actual plot did. 

Criticspace: You have perfectly managed to keep the secret alive till the end of the novel and it was the biggest part of any thriller book. How did you manage to do that?

Chirasree Bose: I had to do that. Like you said, that’s the most important aspect of any thriller story. Okay, so, coming to how I managed to achieve it, I guess reading a lot of suspense thrillers helped me. 

Criticspace: Are you currently working on other projects as well? Please let your readers know about the same and how it will be.

Chirasree Bose: Yes, I am working on a plot. I wouldn’t like to give much away at this moment. All I’d say is it may not be a thriller. 

Criticspace: Tell us something about your publishing experience. Many new writers are looking to publish their book but they are not finding a good way. What do you suggest to them?

Chirasree Bose: I would ask them not to rack their brain over finding the best publisher for their book. Instead, work on the plot, build the characters well, and scheme out a good marketing strategy. Publishing is overly hyped. Marketing is the key to success. 

Criticspace:  Many writers and readers may come across this interview. In few lines, if you have to tell your readers why they should read “Done With Her”? What will be your words for it?

Chirasree Bose: Read the book for the message it conveys. It talks about a heinous crime that needs to be talked about. That’s the USP of the story. And, that was my prime aim behind writing it. 


Thanks a lot for the answers, Chirasree. It was a pleasure talking with you. Wish you great success and future!

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