Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani by Dr. Ritu Sharma (PhD)

The life experiences of a person construct their personality and define their characteristics. These experiences can be acquired from different modes, but the most common medium is through the people a person is connected to. These people influence and teach different things to a person and help them become a better version than earlier. A […]

Review: “It Ends With Us” is heart-wrenching in the best way possible

Hoover’s novel gained popularity through BookTok, introducing a conversation about relationship abuse for young adults. I felt nervous buying BookTok’s most popular book, “It Ends With Us,” by Colleen Hoover. I worried that how I felt about this book would sway my future judgments on other books I find through TikTok. I was even more […]

Book Review – Walk Me To The Willow by Arnab Majumdar

Dedicated to Thamma, the title “Walk Me To The Willow” is divided into 14 engrossing chapters about friendship, loving nicknames that friends address each other with, reunion with old friends, and the manner in which life takes its course but it is good friends who lift up low spirits to give strength, joy, and motivation. […]

Book Review – From the Womb of Darkness: Holding the Prophecy by Ashwin Karthik SN

In the fast-evolving world of today, which is driven by technology and desire, crime has found its way and assumed dimensions that are beyond comprehending. This has found its way into the literary world and revolutionized not just literature but also the canon which these works would influence. Undoubtedly, any piece of literary writing is […]

‘The Hidden Hindu’ is an amalgamation of mythology and science fiction by Akshat Gupta

‘The Hidden Hindu’ is a story of an Aghori named Om Shastri who is being interrogated by seven experts. He is hypnotized and under narco test reveals some startling facts. Attributing the popularity of mythology books in the past decade and a half to the fact that most Indians we have grown up either listening […]

Book Review – Balan And Dheera: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam by Mayank Mahajan

Also Read The First Part – Balan & Dheera: A Tale Of Kaliyuga, By Mayank Mahajan “In the ancient history, there are some larger than life events, which are not easy to explain and that is the reason why some people choose to call those events as mythological stories!” This remarkable book, “Balan & Dheera: […]

Book Review – Raga 2 Rock: A Mumbai Tamil’s Musical Journey by Madan Mohan

About the Author: The author is a chartered accountant working in the field of exports with an unquenchable thirst for writing and singing. He has written about music and film music on his blog and also contributed articles to the blog of a well-known film critic. Before the pandemic, the author was also a passionate […]

Book Review – A Mother’s Goodbye by Kasturi Patra

We idolize a mother as ever-present, always giving, never expecting anything in return. The love of a mother for her children is unconditional. However, the societal expectation from a mother is quite different. A mother is also a woman, why does the society never acknowledge the woman behind the mother. These controversial questions regarding the […]

Book Review – Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 by Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet

“Sacrifices, which they have made to ensure the Glory of India & countless droplets of blood which they’ve shed to rise our Indian Flag high & inevitable can’t be taken for granted.” As described by the Authors Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet, this Military-History book is truly “A Token of Patriotism!” Since it is a great tribute to the […]