Retirement Planning by R K Mohapatra

Financial planning is not something one can afford to take for granted, and planning finances is something that has to be done judiciously and with prudence. The question of having planned one’s life financially always lurks in the back of people’s minds throughout their lives. Finance is an integral part of everyone’s lifetime, and if […]

Book Review | MURDRUM: The Probe Begins by Dr. Sohil Makwana

Everyone goes through certain situations in life, and those situations shape them into who they become in their adult life. If a person has gone through a traumatic childhood, the impacts are far adverse, and predicting how they would affect his adult life is something that can not be predicted by anyone. The protagonist of […]

Book Review | Mutual Funds – A powerful investment avenue for individuals by R K Mohapatra | Criticspace Journal

Money has always been the primary factor that governs people’s lives. As times have changed, the desire to earn and possess money has multiplied, and so have the sources. A few decades ago, people managed and ran their homes on the salaries they earned, and they sufficed them more or less. The situation is different […]

Book Review – What Is Self Awareness – Dr. Vipin Gupta

Background: What Is Self Awareness is the 7th book of the VIPIN project (Vastly Integrated Processes In Nature) The crux of the matter revolves around the principle of investigating the complex processes controlled by Mother Nature and how it impacts humans’ wholesome growth. Highly academic and thoroughly researched, this book takes us beyond the concept […]

Book Review | The Rhythm To Soar |Steffy Terrance

Poetry is the play of right words with some of the most in-describable emotions, while poets are those players who plays with the beautiful words and makes way to compose these heart touching and soulful poems for us! Reviewing this beautiful Poetry-Collection book, “The Rhythm To Soar” by Author-Poet Steffy Terrance has been an extremely […]

Book Review | Within Four Walls of the Mind by Smita Naik Salunke | Criticspace Literary Journal

No doubt as the preface to Within Four Walls of the Mind mentions that coronavirus is the buzzword these days, but to write about a new microscopic being creating ruckus around the world becomes more challenging when little can be ascertained about it while it mutates rapidly into lethal strains. Acknowledging the change in lifestyle […]

Book Review | Lovestruck: The Story of Raj and Riya” by Pratyush Madhav | Criticspace Journals

Love is the most powerful emotion that human beings experience in their lives. The fact that life is unpredictable and every day happens once in a lifetime motivate every person to do their best to live in the moment they are so that their life is less about regrets and more about memories that they […]

Book Review | Love Knots |Author Tirtho Banerjee | Criticspace Journal

When poetry takes the garb of real, the product that is the result is far more closer to reality than the words of fiction. The poet Tirtho Banerjee creates this realistic product in his third title, “Love Knots.” After his earlier collections, “Beyond Words and Between Lines” and “Cityscape,” the title “Love Knots” would seem […]

Book Review – What Is Para Consciousness by Dr. Vipin Gupta – Criticspace Journals

In the process of discovering the complicated and integrated processes inside Nature, Dr. Vipin Gupta has come up with the 6th book of VIPIN project- What Is Para Consciousness. As the tagline goes, this book will help us nurture the potential beyond what we already know. The path to discovering reality, whether present or the […]

Book Review – What Is Consciousness- The Factor Creating The Law Of Limitation – Criticspace Journals

What Is Consciousness is the fifth book in Dr. Vipin Gupta’s grand project of deciphering the nature’s complex process in shaping human’s divinity. An academic approach, where the author amalgamates the scientific perspectives within the divine realm. Worshipping God or believing in your divine power is quite different from each other. In this book, much […]