Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable. – Hellen Keller

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy (adventure) Fiction.

About the book:  World of Dawn is the second installment in the “world of dawn” Series by the acclaimed author Shawn Gale. It’s a 304 page, 45 chapters long action-packed read.  Although it belongs to a medium thickness book category, it’s completely a page-turner and one cannot resist not to gulp it in one sitting. Published by Xlibris US in May. 2018; it’s now available in India on Amazon in for INR 287/- only. The author has also written 3 books namely World of Dawn- Arise, the first part of the series; The Stories That Make Us, and Creative Writing ABRACADABRA.


General Overview:

The book belongs to the young adult fantasy adventure fiction genre. The fantasy fiction book is any book that contains unrealistic settings or magic or has mythical beings or supernatural forms for the plot, theme, or setting. This book is all of that, and more. 

The basic element which sets a fantasy genre book apart from any fiction book is “magic”. It’s all about a magical world, which is unrealistic but becomes believable through a detailed, descriptive setting, plot, and narration. The mystical characters who have magical powers, the awesome character sketch, characters who fight their own demons, and are set up against a big, powerful Satan or system. The setting is detailed and innovative. In the struggle to overcome their own vices and achieve their goal, they beat the negative powerful force and also save the world. This book, the story of World of Dawn- Reveal, scores well on all these parameters and in addition is innovative, unique, and different which adds to its appeal and helps stand out from the mob.


The Storyline:

The Prologue begins with the year 1643 in Massachusetts, where those found guilty of belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine are put to trial. The trial includes heinous murders and setting ablaze the presumed witches. They are termed as “witches” by a man, named Mr. Kurtz, whose face is horribly scarred, the witch hunter, and is believed to have brought riot in the village within two days. He is supposed to be the Satan who has possessed the people of the village. There is one girl, named Elizabeth who saves herself from being burnt alive by being declared a witch. She runs away, away from the place she had always known to be as her home. 

The first chapter begins with a different timeline than that discussed in the prologue. Here we are in the world of dawn in 2017. The Narration is in the voice of the protagonist, Elizabeth from now on. She is traveling with fellow beings, towards home but away from those evil witch hunters. On this journey, they encounter various magical creatures and mystical powers. They have amazing adventures and fight their own inner voices in the process. What they don’t know yet is, on the trail to reach their home and fighting the evil power, they save the world. What happens, where, and how is a wonderful world to know through this read?


My inferences:

Here are my favorite lines from the book;

Anything is possible here with an open mind.

Our hearts and minds have the power to manifest potentials in the world around us.

It’s not magic, it’s science.

Everything is made up of complex chains of atoms—the trees over there, our horses—and atoms are energy. We live in one big energy field. An ocean of energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energy, and they influence the field like a splash in the water.

These are just a few excerpts. The book talks about survival mode and reiterates Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. The story further is woven around Elizabeth, Glooscap, Calby, Tabby, Simon, Ambrose, Anna, and the twin’s Chana and Maroona and also around jumbo scorpions- the size of horses, bigfoot, mythical creatures, monsters, and beasts.

It’s a fierce, original, alive, gripping, spellbinding Young Adult series. It has the innate ability to charm the reader, from the beginning to the end, with it’s absorbing storyline and writing style. The characters are refreshing and alluring. This adventure series dealing with good and evil is much more than a fantasy novel. It is thought to provoke and urges the reader to fight for what is right, for his life, for his freedom, for his beliefs till the very end and he would eventually discover the support of like-minded people on this journey. The characters reverberate with audacity, bravery, and also fight their inner insecurities like fear and guilt. 

This second installment of World of Dawn, a coming-of-age story is a journey to find the way home and it becomes a quest to save a world. The book ends on a cliffhanger. The story has an open ending, giving way to the next book in the series. 

The story closes in this book on a powerful quote;

“They who fights with monsters might take care lest they become a monster”. – Friedrich Nietzsche.


About the author:

SHAWN GALE writes on Canada’s West Coast. He earned a Master’s diploma from the Fraser Valley Writers School. He graduated from Humber College’s School for Writers, where he was awarded a Letter of Distinction. He graduated from Bircham International University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. He was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Creative Writing department, where he earned certificates in both screenwriting and tele-writing. His stories have been published in periodicals and anthologies in the U.S. and Canada. He is the author of the acclaimed, award-nominated story collection The Stories That Make Us and the World of Dawn YA fantasy series for all ages. He is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada.

The book, although part of a series and is the second installment, can be definitely read as a standalone, and the perfectly depicted world of fantasy and magic can be devoured sumptuously thought the detailed narration and writing style and perfect plot setting. 

Enjoy this fabulous Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Adventure, now available in India, for INR 287/- only on amazon kindle.


Author Name:  Shawn Gale

Book Title:  World of Dawn: Reveal

Publisher:  Xlibris US (1 May 2018)

Paperback: 304 pages  

Review by:  Noor at Criticpsace Journal

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