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In this constructive twelve book project over spirituality, divinity and amalgamation of nature’s best resources, What Is Present Reality comes as Dr. Gupta’s second book. Have you ever felt muddled between thoughts and slowly failing to comprehend what is real and what is an illusion? I have felt so, very often. Being a science graduate, many aspects of life have amazed me and then I failed to gather an answer for those through my scientific knowledge. A thousand concepts hover around us, but do we know the whys and hows about them? Certainly not. 

This book challenges the very classical stubbornness of our mentality to follow the big world of scientists. One can find the author bringing in cohesion between thermodynamics, theory of relativity and quantum studies within our daily life activities. It studies the various doctrines to determine what is present reality and how it can influence the future reality. The book starts with a marvellous caution note; to know what is present reality one must discard all the wisdom received so far. Isn’t that bold?

This book works out through 18 chapters in which the author describes how an entity whose divine energy has been channelized properly can realize all the dimensions of reality. You heard it right; reality does have dimension. There is primordial reality which is beautiful and complex and without any effect from primordial entity. Primeval reality is the true reality. It encompasses the effects of primordial entity. Just sit and think over it. Have you ever thought over such things? Read this book and you would get to know what all dimensions are available to what we perceive as reality. Immanent Reality, Ideal reality, theoretical reality and many more. I am not going to spoil the fun by spilling out their definitions. Read this book and you can realize how little we know about being a real being.  

Any individual, when enlightened can influence everything and everyone around. What is Present Reality can help in nurturing strategic management skills in any individual. The basic objective of this book is to help a strategic manager to become a present deity. It is an effort to release each child from the limitations of dependence on the external divinity. The first chapter gives a detailed scientific analogy to present reality. The findings of this book will illuminate the secret of reality that is formed through the repeated wandering of divine energy.

Move through the pages and you can realize how a mere thought process can shape up your reality. The author gives a very good example. ‘I am what I believe in’- this kind of thought shapes your present reality. ‘I do what I believe in’ is an action oriented speech and shapes your future reality. The paradigm of the present reality shapes the organizational planning value. We as humans are bound to err. It is often found that the energy we invest in modifying the natural reality changes the potential of a future reality. This book describes the colour potential of every reality very carefully. It is evocative to know how a feminine entity can manifest in catalyzing a transformative planning and how a masculine entity can be instrumental. You will be surprised to read the various strategies that can alter the perceived reality of an organization. 

This work is purely academic. If anyone wants to know the amalgamation of nature’s resources with science and how it actually affects our growth as an individual and also as an organization, read this book. You can find a continuous flow of information which connects our simple ideologies to science. Right from being a mere entity to a contributor of strategic management for an organization, this book kindles all sort of information. 

Can you believe there are energies of togetherness, otherness, attraction, repulsion and all which apparently determine our concept of reality? Be it present or perceived or future. More you go through the scientific explanations provided in this book; you will realize how miniscule we actually are infront of this vast nature. Every chapter forms an integral part with the readers due to the elaborate explanations given on every topic. And when a book is made to enrich our wisdom towards an organized life, it cannot be an easy or one-go read. You might need more time than usual to read such a masterpiece but it is worth investing this much time. This investigation is devised through determination, imagination, virtue, intuition, nature and excellence. This whole effort of publishing this book is to make the future generation unique and global in their approach. They must be inclusive, diverse, engaged and responsible well being. 

I, as a reader and reviewer would like to give 4 stars. The readers will get 3Is while reading this book. Informative, Instructive and Illuminating.  

AUTHOR NAME:  Dr. Vipin Gupta
BOOK TITTLE: What is Present Reality
PUBLISHER:  Independently Published (6 February 2021)
REVIEWED BY :    Criticspace Journals  Team
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RATING:  4/5

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