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Books by children are full of life and excitement. The stories by young children are always exuberant and joyous. Though mysterious things happen in the stories, though there is sadness and never a child writer fails to impress the readers with their everlasting energy.

In this book by author Dhruv Dhakkad, as the name suggests – Journey Through My Dreams, he takes his readers on a roller coaster ride of many things. To understand and experience the magical feeling, this book is recommended. One cannot stop appreciating this young writer’s imaginative power.

What to expect from the story?

Journey Through My Dreams by Dhruv Dhakkad is a perfect book to dive into imagination and intriguing madness expressed in short stories. Each story in the book reminds the reader their experience of reading Hardy Boys or Famous Five or Agatha Christie’s books or even Harry Potter. The fifteen stories in the book take the reader on a bumpy and adventurous ride.

Who can read?

This is a book written for a wide range of readers. To understand the imaginative worm and test the author’s good visualization, a reader of any age can pick up this book. Irrespective of a personal choice of the reader, this book allures every genre reader. The fascinating stories with thrilling storylines are a definite threat to young readers.

How good are the characters?

Each story in the book has varied characters. No character bores the reader. The introduction of the characters falls perfectly into the story setting. The expressions and the emotions emoted by each character is described excitingly.

How good is the narration?

Each story in this book is set in different narrative and setting. If one story is about adventure, another is about Zombies. If one is about dinosaurs, another is about unicorns. The book is illustrated beautifully with pictures that suit aptly for the story. The stories are set in many geographical lands, and every story has a moral inside it. This unique combination is indeed pleasing.

How good are the language and grammar?

This book – Journey Through My Dreams is written in the modern English language. The word Modern English refers to the scientific and Technical lingo used by the wiz kids and teenagers of this generation.

Other than this, the simple language and appealing vocabulary make the book an interesting read.

 How good is the author’s writing style?

This young author, Dhruv Dhakkad, at the age of 13, creating this beautiful book of wonderful stories is an interesting fact. The very reason for mentioning the author’s age is to appreciate his writing skills. Young children have the most creative brain that can take a story that happens anywhere. In this book, author Dhruv infects every reader’s mind with his superb story-telling and extraordinary imagination.

 How entertaining is the book?

This book by Dhruv Dhakkad is a collection of fifteen short stories that vary around many subjects. There are Dinosaurs, there is time travel, zombies, an adventure, magic, science, and fantasy. The mentioned things are the elements that make the book a perfect entertainer.

 Final Verdict

Unleash the hidden dynamic and imaginative child in you!

Rating: 5/5

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