Swapna Peri:. Congratulations on your book ‘ Ek Aur Pyari Subah’. Tell us about your book.
Author:  Hey, first of all thank you very much for giving a wonderful review for (ek aur pyari subah) .

( ek aur pyari subah) This is fictional story in which I have expressed my own thought through this story . This story is not about any special people,but there are many people whose story is like this . the story of youth, the taunting of other people after not getting married in society . This story is my first step in the literary world . This book is the first step for me  to reach in heart of everyone .This story has come out after killing many ideas that came to mind .   

Swapna Peri:  The book blurb is quite interesting. Can you tell us more about why and what made you chose that blurb?
Author: I wanted to show on the cover of the book that the morning has happened after several nights . This blurb only show that bad nights are going and good morning are coming . This blurb is mixing of darkness and light .

Swapna Peri: The story of Vasha and Ayesha is quite interesting. How did the character development happen?
Author:  First of all I would like to tell you that I first wrote about Ayesha who was the main character of the story but to make the story more interesting I brought vasha as her daughter in her life without getting married with Dev. Vasha’s name is derived from DEV and Ayesha .

Swapna Peri: There are many moral values presented in a fine way during the conversations between the characters. Was it a deliberate attempt or instant?
Author:  oh! This is nice question, and answer is that ‘It instant’ . I did not think that I would be able to give this much moral value to my readers. I just kept writing and it kept connecting with story during conversations between the characters.

Swapna Peri: Since the story focuses on the family and its bonds, what is your opinion on today’s family structure in India? What suggestions do you have for the people.
Author:  I can not say about the whole family of india, but as much as I have seen in it, I seen that every father are struggling for his son’s carrier and daughter’s marriage in his whole life . It is same in this story. Ayesha’s father let the village and adopted city and Dev father kept thinking about Dev after his daughter marriage .

Swapna Peri: What made you choose this plot and develop a nice and warm story?
Author: I wanted  to start with any one story. And I wrote this story for a step in literature . I chose it because it is a love story as well as a family drama . But I never thought that this would blossom like this on blank paper .

Swapna Peri: How is Rahul as a person other than a writer? What are his likes and dislikes?
Author: Thank you, you have tried to know about me . I am very fond of reading science book and watching movie . I miss my hostel and college life very much. I think of writing a book better than talking nonsense. I also have to write a book on which a god film is made. 

Swapna Peri: The usage of the English and Hindi language in the story is attractive. Did you face any criticism for the same?
Author: No. I just wanted to get interested using English words.

Swapna Peri: What are your favorite book that you read in 2020?
Author: No any book . Because I don’t want to make anyone’s idea and style of writing my own in any way .


Swapna Peri: Few words to our readers.
Author:  I would like to thank those who have read (ek aur pyari subah) . And welcome those who are going to study now or will study sometimes in the future . And if there is any mistake then you must tell me .






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