Book Title – The Taste of Midnight
Author – Sanjeev Bansal
Publisher – Rumour Books India

A plot that features elements of mystery, suspense, and thrill keeps the readers engaged and engrossed in the book reading throughout the plot development. If this excitement is sustained till a major point in the text, then it is likely that the readers would read through even when the text takes time to reveal the details. A similar situation happens in Sanjeev Bansal’s text, “The Taste of Midnight.” The book features all the elements required to keep the readers involved in the text in their attempt to explore and unravel the unsaid and the facts that lie between the lines. These features are particularly the defining factors that make the readers remain involved throughout the book.

Through his craft and skill, the author creates a world that is connected to the present lives of human beings, and yet, the readers have the seat of a third person. They remain detached observers despite being involved in the unraveling of the story. “The Taste of Midnight” as a title strikes the readers in the first reading. Since the idea of tasting midnight comes as the essence of the title, the readers are prepared for the dark facts of human life which are featured in the book. These elements form the fragment of human lives in the first place, which makes the book relatable for the readers. At the same time, these facts are the untold reality that finds less mention in books. This distinguishes Sanjeev Bansal’s creation from any of its counterparts and defines the book in a category of its own.

The plight and circumstances Mike faces in “The Taste of Midnight” are a representation of the lives of many, as those events could occur in the life of any person. He features human emotions ranging from anger and rage to desires and regret. These desires make him think on different dimensions, and he is thus, determined to go to the roots to know the truth about Stella. In the midst of this, the author packs the books with different events which involve the readers, and they are equally engrossed in investigating what had happened and how. This involvement ensures that the readers are alert, interested, and tuned with the events and the sequence of their occurrence.

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At the same time, Bansal also hints toward the contemporary lifestyle of the youth where they live a different kind of lifestyle, which is individualistic and secluded from their family. That is probably the reason that the parents of the characters do not find a direct place on the canvas of the text of “The Taste of Midnight.” This keeps the book true to its time and makes sure that the readers are able to connect with the characters easily. Even though Stella comes into the picture through references of other characters, her personality is a strong and realistic one. Even though she is a victim, her personality is not portrayed as one being a damsel in distress. Mike on the other hand is portrayed as a person who is a victim of circumstances and strives to make things better for himself through his perseverance.

The plot of “The Taste of Midnight” opens with a note of bewilderment for the readers, and they are lost in wonder about what would have happened in the lives of the characters before the text began. This bewilderment is a primary reason for the readers being fixed to the text from the beginning, and the other factor is the dramatic element that the author infuses into the text. Even though the book is in prose format, the manner in which the author presents the lives of the people has a dramatic atmosphere. The arranging of events and the dialogues do the rest of the part in supplying the book with dramatic elements. The author ends the book on a note of suspense and mystery. This further tickles the imagination of the readers and makes sure that they are ready to get their hands on the next edition of the book as soon as it hits the bookstores.

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“The Taste of Midnight” should be read by all people who are interested in reading books that feature mystery and suspense and also involve them as primary investigators of an action that took place before the opening of the main action. The other attraction of the book would be the length of the book. Since the book is less than 200 pages, that again becomes an attraction for readers who prefer less voluminous texts and short ones which feature quick action. Therefore, the readers can try to have “The Taste of Midnight” through Sanjeev Bansal’s creative thoughts and see what happened in the lives of Mike and Stella and other supporting characters.

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