“Every piece of the puzzle holds an indispensable importance and unless the last vital piece of the puzzle is placed to its right position, things remain incomplete!”

The book, “The Case of the Missing Brother” by Author Vikas Sinha can most certainly be regarded as a Crime Fiction with an appropriate dose of Action, Mystery and Thrill. The Author has portrayed plenty of life in the characters of his plot, in such an engaging manner that readers will simply want to go deeper in the story. Moreover, it’s a multi character story and undoubtedly all of the Author’s characters had played their role with great sincerity!

Author’s Introduction: The Author, Vikas Sinha decided one day that he would like to pen down the stories that he kept thinking about, that he kept dreaming about. He soon found that writing a story is quite difficult and that writing a novel is an arduous task. It took a lot of time to finally complete this story and it was very difficult to work on the novel while working on games development and meeting deadlines during the day. It is truly a labour of love and the author wishes its readers to enjoy the story.

Introduction: This book, THE CASE Of The MISSING BROTHER is a well-researched “Crime Thriller” with a terrific narration and characterization. The story revolves around the main character Andy, the Protagonist of this Story playing the role of an Investigator in this plot. He is shown in a very special manner by the author and he is truly a strong character, whose presence felt in almost every single line of the novel. He is an instinctive person, who is a quick learner and he followed less of the conventional ways and acted more with the contingency approaches. The way Author has scripted his actions in this plot makes him the qualities of a great character.

The plot begins when Andy is approached by Stella to find her missing brother, he is left stupefied for Stella’s brother, Liam, disappeared in their house without any trace. When Andy visits the ancient house looking for clues, he learns of the horrifying stories of how people have been going missing in the adjoining forest. As he begins to investigate, he learns of Liam’s obsession with books written for juvenile audience. He gets to meet people of extended family and listens to their stories. He slowly realizes that Liam’s disappearance is somehow linked with the people gone missing in the forest, unaware of the fact that he is being watched and that his life is in great danger.

Readers’ Connect: The depth of the plot clearly tells that a lot of research is done by the Author on different things that is making the novel appear more real. The book is indeed Reading Worthy with an incredible combination of thrill, action, drama, mystery, chase, and a lot more, which are ingredients of a True Crime Fiction Novel. The narration of the book is flawless and gripping. This will make you finish the book in one go. The lucid language and good editing makes the reader complete the book without much difficulty. The thrill and suspense adds more flavour to the plot and takes it to a level higher!

The plot has been written with great efforts and the readers will find many interesting twists and turns of events throughout the plot. The way Author has composed this plot that it would not be wrong to compare it with a jigsaw puzzle; Every chapter in this book is like the piece of puzzle and only when all these pieces are joined together, the whole plot starts to make a lot more sense, very much in the manner, which the Author had intended through his brilliant writing.

Book Title & Cover: The Title of the Book is creating too much curiosity as the title itself is giving out the idea on which the plot of this book is based. Well, from a reader’s point of view the Book Title is very much justified as truly the story revolves around the case of Stella’s missing brother Liam and the Protagonist of the story Andy makes all the efforts in his capacity to find Stella’s missing brother Liam.

In addition, to the book title, the Book Cover, too deserves a special appreciation for its Captivating Design and glimpse of the woods and portraying the vital aspects of the plot!

Verdict: THE CASE Of The MISSING BROTHER by Author Vikas Sinha is a delicious recipe and an intelligent mixture of mystery, investigation, thrills-and-chills. The twist of actions in the plot is bound to make the readers get stunned. This book, indeed has a very reading worthy plot, which is picturized very perfectly by the Author making it a Must Read one. The narration along with the characterization is brilliant and surely this book deserves a chance!

AUTHOR NAME:  Vikas Sinha
BOOK TITTLE: The Case of the Missing Brother
PUBLISHER:  Storymirror (2020)

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