Everyone goes through certain situations in life, and those situations shape them into who they become in their adult life. If a person has gone through a traumatic childhood, the impacts are far adverse, and predicting how they would affect his adult life is something that can not be predicted by anyone. The protagonist of “Murdrum” by Dr. Sohil Makwana faces the same fate due to an unusual childhood. The story is an interesting study of the psychological and sociological impacts of a disturbed childhood and the scary after-effects it can have on a person’s life. 

Inspired by true events, the story begins in a discussion format between two characters who give way to the main characters on the centre stage. The story takes a turn in an unexpected direction, and as the author begins to build up, the readers are flabbergasted. Reading Makwana’s book, therefore, becomes a thrilling experience. Through the character of Komal Rathod, the author does a study of a person caught up in a situation featuring more odds than anything even. She is the incarnation of the after-effects of a childhood where love, care, and protection were absent from an early age. Even as a grown-up, the readers get to see her facing odd situations, whether it is at her workplace or a police station, or even a crime scene. However, the other characters that appear give their necessary contributions in showing the true nature of society by being its representatives. Keeping these factors in mind, “Murdrum” opens to being examined from a psychological viewpoint. At the same time, considering the nature of the book being a novel born of crime and criminal life, it becomes an important book from a sociological viewpoint. It shows the sufferings of innocent people and the incompetence or struggles of the justice system to make a statement. Since it is based on actual events, the reality touch finds its way effortlessly and gives the book the necessary coating of realism.

The author has woven mysterious incidents while interconnecting them in the book. The connection is not easy to be drawn, and the readers are as much caught up in the mystery as the characters. This is another factor that gives “Murdrum” the flavor of realism and ensures that the readers are not able to put the book down without finding the answers to the many questions that resonate in their minds. The suspense in the book is maintained till the end of the novel. The element of mystery and thrill makes the book a nail-biting work of literary fiction that bears the effects of contemporary culture, featuring the tough life of people and many stories which may have been untold so far. The writing style of the book fluctuates at different stages. Sometimes it is fast-paced and gripping and sometimes a bit different. This gives the book the necessary humanitarian touches, which show how the lives of human beings are. At the same time, the mysterious plot which swings between crime and routine life creates a world that is relatable for most readers in an effortless way.

The cover of the book is designed beautifully. While it gives an accurate depiction of the plot that would be featured in it and as a title, “Murdrum” does absolute justice to the plot. It is interesting to see how the author chooses a title that held meaning back in ancient times although, in a slightly different manner. The scenes in the story have the necessary touches and strokes of reality which may be something that younger readers may not be able to absorb. However, the grown-up readers would like reading the book due to the maturity with which the author handles a sensitive subject without overdoing it. The author has written situations that go against the sugar-coated and rosy form of life. This might, for once, hamper the peace of mind of a reader. However, the reality of today’s world can not be ignored, which is both brutal and merciless and unkind to the many who suffer.

“Murdrum” is a good pick for someone who loves to read stories revolving around emotional turmoils and have the courage to see reality in the face of it. Makwana does a commendable job in fearlessly portraying reality with all its intricacies involved and not shying away from sharing the minute details too. The novel would appeal instantly among the grown-up readers who have an objective viewpoint of seeing things by remaining detached to moralistic grounds. In light of this, the present-day relevance of the novel cannot be ignored either for today’s generation or for the generations in the future. If future generations of readers would want to get an idea of the contemporary culture prevailing, they can refer to “Murdrum,” which stands as a document born from the local streets and heart of a metropolitan.

Author: Dr.Sohil Makwana
Book Title: MURDRUM: The Probe Begins
Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (27 May 2021)
Paperback: ‎298 pages
Reviewed by: Criticspace Literary Journals.

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