1.         Akhila Saroha: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals.” How has the response to the book been so far?

R. K. Mohapatra: Thank you so much for congratulating me and for the publication of my book “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals”. The book has huge responses across the world. Reader’s views on amazon are excellent. They shared a lot of things regarding the investment of mutual funds products, Mutual funds strategy, risk & returns, and types of mutual funds, etc., which are beneficial for others. It is my pleasure to inform you that this book has been conferred the Literary Titan Gold Award 2020 and getting an overwhelming response from readers.

2.         Akhila Saroha: What led to the idea of writing “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals”? Were there any events that inspired the work?

R. K. Mohapatra: I got inspired to write my third book buoyed by the success of my first two books and queries raised by my friends about investment in mutual funds such as how to invest, where to invest & when to invest. In fact, my colleagues, my friends, and my fans motivate me to write this complex topic simply as a result the same can be read by all.

The key objective of my new book, “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” is to advise people on how they can create wealth by making meaningful decisions in their life investing in different mutual funds: Large-cap funds, Multi-cap(Focused) funds, Mid-cap funds, Small-cap funds, Hybrid funds, index funds, Gold funds & bonds, and debt mutual funds.

3.         Akhila Saroha: Since stress has overtaken people’s lives in the present day, “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” comes as a ray of positivity. How easy or difficult was it for you to write the book despite such odds and make sure your message is conveyed clearly?

R. K. Mohapatra: Despite a hectic work schedule, I have effectively managed time to pursue my passion for writing articles in newspapers and magazines, blogs, and books on relevant financial matters on the problems and queries of the common man, it gives me strength in mind and also motivates me to write the subject- Mutual Fund which is benefit to all.

I have emphatically conveyed through the book that every individual has the potential to make concrete decisions and the relevance of focusing on specific goals to achieve them in time by investing in the right investment product (mutual funds, etc).

In the modern era, equity is an asset class, which generates handsome returns over the long run all should be aware of that fact. The book contains so many hidden secrets, strategies in the investment, tips, and magic formula of compounding, which help the prospective investors & readers in the long run. 

4.         Akhila Saroha: You have written 2 books alongside “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” Would you share a little about them with the readers?

R. K. Mohapatra: I began my writing career in the year 2013 and published my first book, “Investment Risk & Growth-A guide for investors about investment vehicles” and subsequently the second edition has been published in the year 2019. 

This book comprising six chapters is a guide for investors about investment vehicles and elaborately describes the topic of financial planning for an individual, which also focuses an investor’s perspective on handling his or her hard-earned money carefully through proper investment planning.

Logical examples in different chapters are there to elucidate how investment through SIP ensures a disciplined manner regardless of the volatility of the market movement, and further how it helps an investor average his cost through market cycles for creating a big corpus to achieve their goals sans taking too much risk in the long run. This book will help you in every step of life and guide you like a friend, consultant, and advisor.

I have won the prestigious book award recently for the 2020 Reader’s Favourite – Gold Medal for my book, “Investment Risk and Growth: A Guide for Investors About Investment Vehicles.”.

My second book “Retirement Planning – A simple guide for individuals” was published in the year 2016. The book describes the topic of retirement plans for individuals, which reflects and focuses on an individual’s retirement needs, corpus for retirement, and use of created corpus after the superannuation.

I have elaborately explained the concept of Retirement Planning along with well-researched analysis and analytical calculation on how to accumulate retirement corpus during the pre-retirement stage, how to preserve the accumulated corpus during the preservation stage, and how to use that the desired accumulated corpus during the distribution stage. 

I honoured the Eminent Author award at the 32nd Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Memorial, National Media Network Awards-2016 for my meticulous bestselling book, “Retirement Planning – A simple guide for individuals” in New Delhi.

5.         Akhila Saroha: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” is a work that belongs to a stream beyond fiction or non-fiction. Do you read any authors who may have influenced your writing or is the book a product of your raw experience?

R. K. Mohapatra: I have no idea about any author who has influenced my writing or my work. But, from my wealth of experience, this book offers investment tips to readers/ investors specifically the young generation to explores the pros and cons of mutual funds while they making investment decisions and helps them to construct a good and balanced investment portfolio in their life.

However, this book has been reviewed by two notable authors Christian Sia & K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite, both were ranking this book as Five Star, and this book also getting overwhelming responses from readers across the globe. 

The book’s purpose is twofold: to provide the readers with a fundamental knowledge of investment products and equip them with the skills necessary for achieving their financial goals through proper investment planning. 

6.         Akhila Saroha: Do you think the readership of “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” can be restricted? How would you categorize “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” as its appeal seems to be to a broad audience?

R. K. Mohapatra: The term mutual fund has a wide meaning and mutual fund products have vast demand in India as well as abroad. The scope cannot be restricted, because of its nature and composition. It is one of the best investment vehicles today, and its future is bright in comparison to the return of all investment products.

The book “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” helps all (irrespective of age) to construct a good and balanced investment portfolio, which enables them to achieve their financial goals in life. This book is used in tertiary institutions for students studying Financial Accounting, Economics, Banking & Finance courses, and other related study programs.

7.         Akhila Saroha: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” has given a powerful introduction to your potential as a writer. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Would you please share about your future projects?

R. K. Mohapatra: Right now, I am working on the topic One nation One Pension Scheme. I have already been submitted my suggestions to the Prime Minister of India about the One nation One Pension Scheme. Hope for the best and still thinking about how one pension scheme helps the people of India. On the other way, the Hindi conversion of my first book is in process, which may be published within two or three months.

8.         Akhila Saroha: Did “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” have an alternate title when it was being written? What is the story behind the title of your book?

R. K. Mohapatra: I have not ever thought of an alternative title other than Mutual Funds, but change the subtitle many times when finalized it. A mutual fund is an outstanding asset and the concept of mutual funds is widely circulated by The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) as Mutual Funds Sahi Hai”. One should easily understand the book title, and mutual fund investment philosophy & strategy.   

9.         Akhila Saroha: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” has an abundant number of examples to explain your ideas. Which other platform, according to you, could be the next money earning avenue?

R. K. Mohapatra: It’s really a crucial question. Suggesting an investment avenue in place of Mutual funds depend on so many things such as type of investor, Investor age (for Individual), duration of investment, risk & returns of investment, and quantum of investment, etc.

Typically, apart from Mutual Funds, direct equity could have generated more decent returns both short-run and long-run provided that you have adequate knowledge about the shares, sectors, market and market trends.

10.       Akhila Saroha: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” educates the readers in understanding content they would not be aware of. Why do you think most people are not able to understand the mechanism of the money market?

R. K. Mohapatra: The concept of Mutual Funds investment is very popular day by day in India. However, money markets are used for short-term lending or borrowing usually the assets are held for one year or less. However, mutual fund house purchases short-term, mid-term & long-term govt securities and bonds as per their objective of the fund.

The concept of the money market is not aware by many people due to lack of knowledge and stringent guideline by the Regulators & Governments. For example, RBI has lowered the policy repo rate by 250 basis points since February 2019. In response to the policy rate cut by the RBI, the bond market passed on the cuts immediately at that time. But Banks lower their interest rates, not in the same quantum as the bond market. There is a gap between the market and bank always, people should understand this mechanism while making a transaction in the market.

11.       Akhila Saroha: If you were to describe your book “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be?

R. K. Mohapatra: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” has been published by Blue Rose Publishers in 2020, an ideal guide for investors who are looking for a deeper understanding of mutual funds; their risk & returns, and the benefits of investing in mutual funds.

The book consists of six concise but comprehensive chapters: delved into ” Mutual Funds”, “Investment in shares & Debt Mutual Funds”, “Assessment of Risk in mutual funds investment”, “Evaluation of portfolio”, “Future prospects of Mutual Funds in India” and “Analysis of HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunity Funds”, having 172 pages, which not only help you understand the basics of different types of mutual funds but also provide more general self-help techniques of your goal setting and money management once profit begins to be made.

The book offers a holistic view of wealth creation and elaborate practical advice with an in-depth analytical study of the subject of equity and equity-related securities. This book describes various categories of mutual funds: large-cap funds, multi-cap funds, mid & small-cap funds, interval funds, hybrid value funds, and debt funds.

The book is an insightful guide that indicates extensively and expansively on the topic of financial planning for an individual along with future growth for a financial product in India. The tips given to investors are valuable and will not only help them plan and invest, but will also make them review portfolios at regular intervals. The book enables readers about the concept of mutual funds, their structure, regulation, types, risk & returns. And also, the benefit of direct investment of mutual funds and tax implications.

12.       Akhila Saroha: “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” would educate the readers in generating money through mutual funds. How was your journey in acquiring the knowledge you wrote on paper?

R. K. Mohapatra: I have 27 years of experience in the field of Finance and Accounts in a leading Public Sector Company in India & abroad. So far as personal finance is concerned, my interest in this field and my educational qualifications help me to write all three books. On the other hand, my friends and fans persuade me to write this complex subject in a very simple way so as to they would take the benefit for the same.

13.       Akhila Saroha: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books from you in the future. All the best.

R. K. Mohapatra: I am incredibly grateful to you for conducting a realistic interview about my book Mutual funds and my upcoming new book. Last But Not Least, I feel that authors render a great service to humanity when they are able to impart and share their vast knowledge and sustainable solutions with the masses. A good author according to me is one who knows how to astutely convey the larger-than-life message through their books. Thank you so much!

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