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This is my fourth book in the new year, and I am delighted reading such a universal book. Lime-Symphony by Mohit Agarwal is a book of practical philosophy. Every chapter in the book is explorable to the maximum extent. For example, in chapter parenting, the contents in it are so appealing that it does down to the point that there is a difference between raising children and merely becoming parents. The author also pointed the importance of being transparent and communicative with the teenage and young adults in the family, giving them a lending shoulder of help and courage in times of excessive use, be it physical or mental stress.

In other chapters like Education and Language, he explains that being educated is not getting degrees and restricting the knowledge to books, but apply the knowledge gained from the books in real life and become practical. If one is asked to read about a car engine, having the technical information in mind and seeing the entire motor working at a mechanic shop gives a great insight. This is what is lacking in the present education system, and the author hopes that this will change soon.

In the further chapters, the author has arguable pains to inculcate and imbibe real sense in seeing the world to make it more accessible and adaptable for the people to live in harmony.

The book, Life – Symphony gives a vivid picture of India, its practices since ages that were developed for the well being of human lives and the forgotten values from our epics due to many invasions are incredibly explained in the book.

What to expect from the book?
This book, Life-Symphony talks about various topics that are part of everyone’s life, but frequently being taken for granted or just believed blindly. In the chapter Wisdom, author Mohit talks about the power of knowledge, conscious data gaining, perseverance, hard work and self-discipline to achieve success. With ample examples from all fraternities, including movie actors and other famous people the explanation he narrated ignites a thought of self-discovery.

Who can read?
The book is a universal read. Some topics are suitable to the readers according to age but, as there is no obscene or controversial content, the book can be read, but readers are interested in learning facts of life. And the way life is lived.

How good is the Author’s writing style?
The book is written in a simple and colloquial language with good and easily accessible vocabulary. In every chapter facts with ample amounts of masked reality is explained. The font and the paper indentation also added to the reading comfort. A life philosophy is very diligently and effectively presented.

How entertaining is the book?
In this book, Author Mohit has touched most of the sought out subjects that are always debatable because they are ever-evolving. Each chapter in this book of twenty-six chapters is focused on the most prevalent topics around the world and mostly in India that are worth debatable. Here, the authors have presented his views and analysis that concur with most readers’ and people’s opinions. Though some views mentioned in the book can be annoying to individual readers, we have to accept the facts that the world is at it is. This book is entertaining in terms of the topics discussed and opinions shared.

Final Verdict
An excellent book to re-think about the existing beliefs


Author Name: Mohit Agarwal
Book Title: LIFE-SYMPHONY: The prism of a  conscious soul
Reviewed By: Swapna Peri
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Order On: Amazon

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